NEWS Wayne Bennett's refusal to leave Brisbane costs Broncos staffers lucrativecontract payouts.

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Gaz, Dec 22, 2018.

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    Hahahaha.. Seriously, it's an nrl job! You live and die by results. Brisbane expect and didn't get better results. They all would have got the legal requirements (eg notice given, paid out contract). Welcome to the bloody real world. There would have been 10-20 similar level staff at different nrl clubs who got the same, and worse treatment this year alone. It happens in jobs every day, often in jobs with far worse pay and less advantages then working for an nrl club. Spare me the sob story and go make a living in something else if you can't deal with the pressure. Every job has its good and bad points. Job security is not a bonus you get with working in the nrl! Go work in a factory if that's what you need to feed your family ffs
  2. Foordy


    Having said all of that Hickmans would have received a substantial payout from the club ... possibly as much as he would have earned had he seen out his entire contract ...

    and if he is as high;y regarded as has been reported, he should have no trouble finding another gig.

    besides, support staff know going in that their jobs are tied to the head coaches, whether the like it or not... it is very rare circumstances where an incoming head coach doesn't bring (or at least hire afterwards) his own support staff. Hickmans, in particular, has followed Bennett to several different clubs
  3. Tom

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    Congratulations to Jeremy. I had never heard of him and yet he somehow managed to get himself an entire paragraph in the CM.
    Could someone post the story please .
  4. I don't even know whether he is talking about loyalty from the club or WB is his tweet.

    Did the journo just make assumptions based on a vague tweet? Oh wait, it's Australian sports "journalism"...
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  5. pagey

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    Obviously a lot more to the story.
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    This is a really good point. When you think about it given the fact that a head coach will always bring his own support staff, if anyone's loyalty should be questioned by Hickman's shouldn't it be Bennett as he didn't take him with him?
  7. He doesn't sign a contract with WB, he's not paid by WB. I don't see how this is about WB. WB also did not make the decision to fire him either, he was fired by the club. Souths didn't want him.
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  8. Foordy


    you're right in a way ... his contract is with the club etc...

    but Hickmans and the courier mail, also aren't providing the full story. (Hicksmans to have dig at the club and the CM to have a dig at Bennett)

    It's not like the club sent him out to fend for himself without any cash ... Hickmans would have been given a significant payout of the remainder of his contract, he may have even had his entire contract paid out, so he wouldn't be much worse off, if any, than if he had stayed at the club.

    Hickmans would also be well aware that incoming coaches hire their own support staff (contracts obviously still with the club), replacing the existing support staff ... Hickmans himself has followed Bennett from the Broncos to the Dragons, to the Knights and back to the Broncos ... I don't for one second believe that Hickmans didn't realise that when he did that it would mean that current staff (in his role) would lose their jobs.

    actually this is the first time i can recall a club telling an incoming coach that he couldn't bring staff with him (although, that must have been a loose guideline since JD got a job with Souths)
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    The fact is support staff 9 times out of 10 follow the coach and the incoming coach brings his own staff. That happens in every professional sport around the world. So what the Broncos have to Hickmans is no different to what 1000's of support staff have had down to them. I was simply suggesting that the dig might have been at Bennett who didn't take him. I was not having a go at WB.
  10. Tom

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    If there is no loyalty to underperforming coaches what makes an underperforming conditioning coach think his hide should be safe? Was his role to do with what shape the players have been in the last couple of years while we have had overweight players? Cya later, next.
  11. This is the quoted tweet apparently:

    “Don’t sign anything on trust and under the promise of loyalty, get it all in writing.”
    - I assume he's speaking about loyalty towards himself, but from whom?
    He apparently recently signed a 2 year contract. Is it not being honoured, and if so, why is that if it's not related to Bennett?

    “Sport is a business; loyalty and team is fine when it suits."
    - When it suits who? Is he saying the Broncos don't have the team's best interests at heart, or having a dig at Bennett for wanting to "stay for the team"?

    "Sometimes it's best to move on and keep having fun!"
    - Is he talking about himself or WB here?
  12. BroncsFan

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    The other thing that is odd to me is that Seibold brought staff with him... I'm guessing one of those would've been high performance??

    To me one of the big things with Seibold is sports science so bringing someone with him that already knows what he wants seems a given

    If so does that mean souths were happy with a backup high performance rather than Bennett's right hand man for years??
  13. big k

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    Wasn't it reported that part of the original settlement was big payouts for the support staff not getting kept? Something Bennett rejected even after saying it's not about money for him and aboug his support staff getting looked after etc.

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