NEWS Wayne Bennett's refusal to leave Brisbane costs Broncos staffers lucrativecontract payouts.

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    I tend to mostly agree with you but the reasons you have given for sueing are not the only ones. Why not 'it's a business decision' ? It's nothing personal, just business. WB is a brand as well as a human being. Also, walking out on his marriage, selfish? Sorry, cannot agree on that one. My closest friend is in the midst of a divorce and I know his very sanity, his mental health was on the line and that's why he walked. True, it's about self and at a stretch could be said to be selfish but that wouldn't reflect reality.
  1. Like a scientist , perhaps he received new information and that forced him to act. Your second paragraph is pure shit from start to finish.
  2. Thelmus

    Thelmus QCup Player

    If the broncos want this to end, then reach an agreement and quickly. Put this behind the club because the more this drags on, the worse it will get, for all concerned. And it will cost a lot more than 400,000 in the end.
    This is two of the most respected entities WB and the broncos taking years of history and throwing it down the toilet. If anyone thinks that is a good thing, then remember what superleague did. It wasn't pretty.
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    Agreed and I think if it did drag out a bit it would be much more detrimental to the Bronco's than to WB. Even though I don't know if the Bronco's acted honourably or not my gut feeling, intuition if you will tells me they were not squeaky clean and above reproach. It seems to me, again without evidence that the board didn't so much as reach a decision rather they followed an instruction from on high. That's what I feel happened and no, I don't need evidence as it's not a claim of fact.
  3. Yeah you are spot on @Huge@Huge

    There are more reasons to sue than what I listed and that just emphasises the point

    And the divorce being selfish thing, it was just an example, and definitely not every divorce falls in that category

    Wayne's was a classic "running off with a younger woman" so I tend to interpret this one as a selfish decision but I don't know the facts and could be wrong
  4. Cult3

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    Could also be a classic “earn millions for the family and don’t receive any appreciation for it but leave and still give millions to the family anyway” situation too. I don’t get this. We only hear one side of the story in these situations. Whichever side sells papers. Which happened to be the wife. Getting a divorce isn’t a bad thing and if someone isn’t happy in a marriage they shouldn’t stay in the marriage
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  5. Marty Deutschmann

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    That's what Benny wants
  6. What does he want? How do you know with such certainty?
  7. teampjta

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    All this “get it sorted” “we need this to stop” etc is somewhat irrelevant to where we are at.

    This whole scenario won’t have any effect on the players or coaching team whatsoever, if anything it’s detrimental to Souths. Benny boy now has to focus on coaching whilst preparing for a legal battle with our “FOH Administration” department.

    FWIW I believe with some of the earlier post, it’ll come down to whether he breach his contract or not. If he did he gets squat, if he didn’t than pay the man
  8. ivanhungryjak

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    I would imagine if Bennett is prepared to take it to court, he won't be spending too much time on it - that's what you pay lawyers for.
  9. Dash

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    The fact that he's suing for $400k strongly suggests that he wants $400k.
  10. teampjta

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    I understand that part, I’d imagine coaching an nrl team would be hard enough let alone at a whole new club.

    You’d think 100% of his attention would be required to get the team playing Bennett’s way. A court case lurking in the back ground would be the last thing the Rabbitohs hierarchy would want. No chance Bennett is focusing all of his attention on the team
  11. Gaz

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    Clearly the Rabbits hierarchy will hope the Broncs weren’t playing Bennetts way when we were flogged so easily at home against St George. But then again they may have known fullwell his mind was elsewhere at the time.
  12. teampjta

    teampjta NYC Player

    We’ve probably got a better shot at winning lottery than Wayne has of changing now
  13. ivanhungryjak

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    I saw this on twitter last night - Dale Copley retweeted it. It just goes to show you though, any journo can make half a story from a simple tweet.
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  15. broncos4life

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  16. Funny how no-one likes hearing the ‘bitter-ex’ voicing their problems. Except when it’s about high profile people / organisations...
  17. rogerwilco

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    Yes Jeremy, that is the entire story and you didn't leave anything out.
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  18. Thelmus

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    The difference is one side has all the power and the other can choose to be unemployed. The broncos could and did replace Hickman's in a heartbeat, knowing there would be little more repercussions beyond some bad blood whilst he, as a human being must find a way to support himself and his family.
    I think, being someone who has been cut a couple of times with mass lay-offs by companies, I might find some empathy for him (bearing in mind that no-one has had a bad word for him, and he is purely a victim of circumstances).
    I have said before and see no reason to change my view that this whole fiasco could have been handled a lot better if the powerbrokers had a little empathy for the people they work with.
    There is a lot of bad blood floating around this club that is usually so much better with these things. Somewhere along the way, the idea that a club is made by people, not purely profit&loss statements has been lost and is symptomatic of a broader societal trend.
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