-NEWS- Why Broncos coach was the real winner this week

Purple Pills

QCup Player
I am of the opinion Cooper was telling total lies in order to protect the image of Melbourne and indirectly protecting his own image

The crusher tackle was brought in not for the modern take where a player accidentally falls on the back of a tackled player's neck. The original crusher was a player basically applying prolonged pressure to the back of the player's neck whilst they're sitting on the ground... basically imagine the current crusher, but rather than letting go they continue to hold the pressure on the back of the neck whilst on the ground. It's dangerous in all forms and can't be seen as an accident when you intentionally position your head in that position, take them to the ground and then continue to maintain the same head position. It prevents the player getting up, whilst allowing the crusher tackler to get straight up into first marker.

The chicken wing is absolute lies as there is the footage of Anthony Quinn blatantly attacking the arm of a tackled player. I believe there is also footage of Cam putting a triangle type hold on a player's arm (right hand holding tackled player's wrist, left arm under the tackled player's forearm and bracing support on their own right arm). The intent is to keep the arm from getting to the ground, which prevents the player from bracing and getting to their feet. There are pressure points in the wrist though and the force they are putting on especially the Quinn one is totally unnecessary, requires intent and is not doing anything other than trying to harm the opposition.

The grapple everyone knows about and there is no way Cooper is stupid enough to believe that applying a choke hold on a player is doing anything but causing damage in order to control a player.

The whole week was just a PR spin from Foxtel trying to protect the image of Melbourne and was vomit worthy
Where Cronk’s argument also falls apart is the rolling pin. Will never forget Jeff Lima and Sika Manu intentionally putting all their weight via their knees into tackled players calves whilst they were fighting to get up for a play the ball. Absolute dog act. It was one of the worst of the lot and seems to have gone under the radar and forgotten about.

Melbourne play the victim card so well which is why the shit they do continues to go through to the keeper. The whole open letter from their CEO saying ‘it’s that time of the year where the Sydney media are picking on poor Melbourne again’ is just a ruse to deflect from the fact that the stuff they do is intentional. Every time any heat is finally applied from the outside criticising their tactics, they pull out any excuse in the book. The most bleated one is ‘oh but everyone does it, we just do it better than everyone else’

If there is any justice in the sporting world, Canberra will win the 2019 NRL GF.

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