CRICKET WTC and Ashes Tour of England

Scotty in and not Neser.

Australia batting...this could be carnage.

Brayshaw commenting...goodness me.
Oof, how on earth did that miss?
Let’s get the Seam vs Swing debate going again. That was good fun.
Warner somehow survives the first over...somehow.
Aussies have survived two overs but haven't scored anything.

No Ashwin either, crazy.
Warner just looks lost out there, hopefully he manages to get through this.
Warner is 58% in control, you rarely see it that low.
Khawaja gone for a duck! Oof
heath ledger joker GIF
Labs first ball makes it look easy.
Warner looks like e'll be joining Khawaja soon. Hang in there mate.
First time Warner has looked composed that ball.
Warner is starting to move the feet.
Where's the pitch... green as fuuuuck

blinking trailer park boys GIF
That's nice. Warner's most productive shot before that was 'left alone' haha

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