Your favourite Origin series



Mar 4, 2008
Title speaks for itself. What's been your favourite Origin series since you started watching?

I know there will be some NSW flavour about this thread, but I love the fact that us Queenslanders have more series to choose from. Anyway...

For mine, nothing so far has topped the 2006 series. For a few reasons. First of all, nobody gave us a chance after losing the last 3 series, and then playing very poorly in game 1 (even though we were only beaten by a point, still played ordinary though). Darren Lockyer was under so much criticism - shouldn't be 5/8th, shouldn't be captain, some saying he shouldn't even be in the team. Brent Tate shouldn't be in the team. Who is Adam Mogg?

Game 2 comes along and Queensland delivers an outstanding form reversal and smashes the Blues at Suncorp. Lockyer gets MOTM, Tate was easily in the top 5 players on the field, Mogg saves the best game of his career for that one. The job wasn't done yet, and down to Melbourne for the decider, and a series of terrible refereeing decisions puts Queensland behind 14-4. They needed something to go their way, and had plenty of opportunities close to the Blues' line. Thurston had looked the man most likely all night, and the bloke who one here said is over-rated, gets through the Blues' defensive line and finds Brent Tate on the right, who pins the ears back and makes a 60 metres dash to the line, and in true Queensland style, finds that extra 10% and brings it round under the posts to make it a certain 6-pointer. Nobody would've criticised him for putting it down before Hodgson got a shot at the ankle tap, but that wasn't good enough for Tate. He literally slams the ball down before Shifcofske converts to make it a 4 point ball game with just under 10 minutes left.

The crowd has lifted a gear and the support is for the Maroons. Lockyer puts in a pinpoint kick but the Blues get a favourable bounce. Hodgson throws a wayward pass from dummy half and who should pop up out of nowhere? The bloke they said shouldn't be captain, the bloke they said shouldn't be 5/8th, the bloke that some said shouldn't be in the team at all.

The Maroons' then defend their way to win the series and begin the dynasty that we are currently all enjoying!
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2006. I can't see it being beaten any time soon... The stuff of legends!
Great thread Jeba.

06 was probably the most emotional series of all time. Going in it felt like careers were on the line & if we couldn't win here, perhaps the future of Origin would be called into question. Lots of expectation heading into Game 1, if I recall, we were actually favourite, especially after Gower was replaced and yet we dished up one of the worst 40 minute performances in Origin football. We were just so nervous and tentative, nobody had any confidence & it was only through some guts that we were able to make a game of it.

From there it's history. Queensland tear up Game 2 but on the eve of Game 3 lose three of their best players in Hodges, Hunt & Bell. Their positions are given to three players who all had short-lived stints for the Maroons in Shifcofske, Hannany & Wesser, shifting the favouritism over to NSW. 1st half is as even as it gets, 4 all after Mogg miraculously grounds a cheeky JT cross field chip & Grothe Jr. swoops on a JT pass and runs the length of the field.

Everyone was nervous as both teams came out in the second half but that all seemed to dissipate when the Maroons looked to have scored through TC as a Blue lost the football. Upstairs we go: NO TRY. It seems like a tough call against Steve Price, but there's plenty of time to go.

Blues make their way down the other end & heap a lot of pressure on the Maroons. After being awarded possession on the back of another 50/50 call the Blues make the most of it with a try to the ever imposing Matt King. As a Queenslander you're feeling a little hard done by, but the boys should be fired up.

Another set, another Blues try but this one is shrouded in controversy. Gower puts in a monster of a kick that bamboozles Schifcofske and somehow finds it's way into the hands of Grothe Jr. who makes it a double. Nobody is really sure what happened here but the replay clearly shows Hodgeson got a touch and propelled the ball forward. However, for some ungodly reason, the video referee decides to give NSW another try & suddenly things are beginning to feel a lot like the past couple of series and every passionate Queenslander who dared to get their hopes up are feeling egg on their face.

The Maroons finally get a chance to respond but nothing is coming off for them. The Blues know the score & are focussing all their attention on their defence which is just impenetrable. Queensland just can't find a way over the line or sustain any momentum in their set & begin to get flustered. Forwards are kicking the ball, wingers are finding space for hookers down the sideline, it just isn't happening.

But then an opportunity arises, Tahu goes down with an injury, forcing veteren Menzies to be shuffled up against the speedster Brent Tate. Queensland exploits this almost straight away, Schifcofske makes another fighting run from dummy half, attracting the attention of four defenders before offloading to JT. Thurston reads the situation perfectly stepping past O'Donnell into the space Bailey once occupied before sending Tate down the sideline. In a try reminiscent of one he scored against Manly only a month or so prior Tate beats the cover defence and nearly gives everyone a heart-attack when he refuses to ground the ball until he can slam it down under the up-rights. Schifcofske converts, Qld trail by 4.

The Maroons are back now & respond with a great set that includes another great run from Schifcofske who makes a valuable 15m through the middle. Lockyer does the right thing and boots the ball deep into the Blues corner. The next play, is apart of Origin history.

Blues were slow to get back, Hodgson throws a loose pass, it's intercepted by Lockyer who shrugs off Bailey and scores! They couldn't take that one from him & the captain, the man who wasn't good enough to lead his state, wasn't good enough to be a half, wasn't an Origin player puts the Maroons infront with a deserved try. Schifcofske makes no mistake Queensland 16-14.

The final moments are almost like a blur. NSW nearly hit back when Wesser loses it but thankfully the rule was changed in the eve of the series, then Mogg nearly repays the favour after a fantastic chase off a Smith kick. NSW nearly get the ball back of a drop out but Hornby loses it & the Maroons try and wind the clock down as long as possible giving NSW only 20 seconds to pull off a miracle.

They go wide, to the man they claimed was the best centre of all time, Mark Gasnier and he's collected by Tate who's possessed to tackle anything at this point and even tackles Hornby at dummy half who has to fling a desperate pass. It's hot potato stuff from the Blues but when Grothe's only option is a kick, it's all over as the ball trickles over the sideline & the course of history is changed forever. Blues are denied their history, the Maroons begin theirs & the true believers who held firm, who never gave in were given their chance to proudly and loudly chant: QUEENSLANDER.

We waited 3 years for it & finally it was ours. Lockyer held the shield up beeming as he immortalised himself as the hero he deserved to be remembered as....

Oh I got lost there, 06 can do that to me.

My favourite series is actually 02, 11 is also very big too...I might ramble about them later. :rockon:
06 is the freshest - but I'm with Big Pete... 2002.

That last try, I still can't believe it. Game 2 was breath taking as well.

Best game was game 1 1998. A childhood memory but it remains so sweet.
1991, 1995, 2001 all great, but 2006 was special
2006. Still th eone and only time I have seen my brothers in law hug.

I remember sitting there screaming at the TV and we were all moaning "it's not fair, it's not fair! It's rigged. It's just not fair" etc.

Then. Tate. Then. Locky.
Thurston had looked the man most likely all night, and the bloke who one here said is over-rated, gets through the Blues' defensive line

Wait; who here could have possibly thought Thurston was over rated?
That was my third guess after The Dock.
Given his call of Thurston being overrated, perhaps he's best called The Mock?
2001 or 2006, but probably 2001.

10 debutants, coming off a whitewash and our biggest ever loss the year before, allan langers return, last game at the old lang had everything.

Game 1 was also Lockyers equal best game ever (tied with the 40-0 at half time test match) IMO. it was him at his absolute best, everything he did turned to gold from his running to his kicking to his tackling.
That was only because he was playing halfback though, and we all know he's not a halfback.
LOL! Speaking of Thurston.
I love how everyone was saying everything depends on his transition to 5/8....UMMMM Didn't he lead the cowboys to the GF in 2006 as a 5/8 (Jason Smith was the 7)? and didn't he lead QLD to victory in 2008 as a 5/8?

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