OFFICIAL 2017 World Club Championship Squad

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Danoz Direct, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Broncos’ World Club Series Squad

    Jai Arrow
    Darius Boyd
    Herman Ese’ese
    George Fai
    Matt Gillett
    Alex Glenn
    Ben Hunt
    Jordan Kahu
    Andrew McCullough
    Josh McGuire
    David Mead
    Anthony Milford
    Corey Oates
    Joe Ofahengaue
    Tevita Pangai Jnr
    Jonus Pearson
    James Roberts
    Jaydn Su’A
    Sam Thaiday
  2. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    I really like that squad.
  3. Donald Garner

    Donald Garner NYC Player

    Disappointed that sims didn't get a run
  4. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Good point. Didn't even notice that.
  5. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    And Blair is missing who is apparently staying behind because he has just welcomed his second child.
  6. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    Great to see S'ua and Fai heading overseas. These two will be regular inclusions in the first grade squad this year along with Pearson and Arrow.
  7. austin71

    austin71 NRL Player

    No Blair
  8. pagey

    pagey NRL Player

    I like the fact he didnt just turn up and get a go . Make him work for it , the boys have obviously worked hard in the off season and been rewarded .
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  9. I don't mind the idea of leaving Sims behind, let him play big minutes in the trial against the Jets and give him some more time to settle in to Brisbane.
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  10. Those are some interesting omissions.

    Blair will obviously come into the Round 1 side, but Korbin's omission can definitely be read into. I didn't think he was bad on Saturday and I'm sure he'll come into the squad at some point but right now he's below the pecking order and the club doesn't view him as a long term option. At least not compared to others who were named ahead of him.

    That last bench spot is going to be interesting. Pearson is headed over just for the experience, but there's a case for either Su'A or Fai getting that last spot. If I was to lean one way, I'd assume they'd be more interested in giving Su'A that experience since he's ahead of George but it's far from a near certainty.
  11. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Also Su'A has versatility that George doesn't probably giving him an edge for the bench spot.
  12. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Player

    Good mix of youth and experience in that side.
  13. It depends on the agenda really.

    With Benji's achilles injury it opens the door for a player like Su'A, especially in that game against Cronulla where having bigger bodies coming off the bench can be a plus.

    On the other hand, that front row position is wide open and this is something of an audition for Ofahengaue, Ese'ese, Arrow and Fai.
  14. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    I think Sims will be on the bench for round 1. This is a chance for Joe, Ese'ese and Arrow to put their hands up for the starting spot.
    The great thing is that Wayne is showing some faith in these young guys.
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  15. Smokin' Joe

    Smokin' Joe QCup Player

    Sims will be there round 1.
    The players picked ahead of him are being rewarded for a great off season.
  16. Pushkin

    Pushkin QCup Player

    That mean only one spot either bench or starting side. So Arrow, Big joe and Herman Ese'ese fighting for final spot.
  17. Smokin' Joe

    Smokin' Joe QCup Player

    My money is on Herman

    And wouldn't rule out a left field Sua selection
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  18. Sproj


    I'd be going with something like:

    1. Boyd (c)
    2. Oates
    3. Roberts
    4. Kahu
    5. Mead
    6. Milford
    7. Hunt
    8. McGuire
    9. McCullough
    10. Joffa
    11. Sua
    12. Gillett
    13. Arrow

    14. Thaiday
    15. Fai
    16. TPJ
    17. Glenn

    Obviously Thaiday starts come the season proper but he is comign back from injury. I'd actually leave him out and give Ese'ese a run in his place.
  19. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    You reckon Fai is ahead of Arrow and Ofahengaue?
  20. pagey

    pagey NRL Player

    So big joe won't be there hey . Bit of a shame really
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