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    Players during their career spending time in the backs and forwards is nothing new, off the top of my head at the Broncos Gene Miles, Darren Smith, Tonie Carroll, Michael Hancock and even Wendall Sailor had a stint in the forwards, Wally spent a lot of time in his junior career playing lock before making the switch to 5/8th and later on the Broncos shifted him to lock. Hell Civoniceva spent time as a centre before playing for the Broncos. I don't see Oates as a forward playing in the backs, I see a player who is adaptive in playing both in backs and the forwards, which really isn't a stretch with the right body build.

    If Oates wants to play strictly in the forwards its upto him to put his case forward he needs to make a strong case that the side will benefit more from him in the forwards then the backs at present. Which is a tough argument to make with the quality of competition around him there, you also have to make sure your not hurting his previous position in the process, you don't want to end up worse off there.
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  1. roo-ted

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    How did you up come up with this?
  2. Morkel


    I think he's referring to Hook.
  3. Broncapz

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    I like this team. Very similar to mine, except I had Oates starting and Glenn as utility or to cover for Oates if he's stinking up the joint. There are 3 big mountains to climb this year as far as Storm, Cowboys and Roosters. I think we have the guns and guts to have a chance, and it's probably only to get better in 2019.
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  4. Foordy


    then that would be "wishful" team not a "projected" team because Bennett has 100% ruled out Oates starting in the backrow
  5. Broncapz

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    Correction... projected team for the 2018 Grand Final
  6. Marty Deutschmann

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    If they're losing regularly he'll be the first to go?? Wtf haha the most experienced player?? You're kidding yourself
  7. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Just watching highlights on fox because it has been our season replay today. Man Thaiday was smashing **** left right and centre in the cowboys game. We were dominating them for tgeost part. Up the middle. Was just the penalties that were killing us. Add to that game Macca and Boyd and we own them. Add back in Thurston and Scott too I guess but against other teams, our pack has the wood on them all when we turn up.
  8. Dash

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    If we were losing regularly enough that our season was over, the old blokes would be the first to go. Especially those who won't be here next year.
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  9. 007

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    Yes and staff in the football club.
  10. winslow_wong

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    It's up to Oates to put his case forward to be a forward. Otherwise it's back to the backs.
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  11. Kyall

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    I think Oates will put 100% into trying to get the spot, but I’m worried that the extra work load especially with his sideways movement will cost his body too much and he will get hurt. Oates got bad knees from playing on the wing so.
  12. 1910

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    Wow, from Colts to NRL. The last Bronco to do that was Lockyer. He played eight Colts games under Calder in 1995 then got the call up, played his first reserves game under Henjak and NRL game same day.

    Walker was the Reserves half and they both got a run. Lockyer never went back to Calder but played two more Reserve grade games.

    You have to be realistic; Paix and Boyd are both coming off MM seasons and will play Colts this year. Paix doesn’t have a pathway to even an ISC club and would have to move to play ISC and Boyd will have to go past Scarlett.

    Even if their form in Colts was mind blowing to transfer that to NRL would be outrageous. They are not even in the NRL squad and don’t train with the NRL team.

    You need to watch some Colts games this year and make up your own mind.
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  13. Gaz

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    The Stat to Fix: Broncos' hunt for missing grunt


    Dan Walsh


    Wed 14 Feb 2018, 07:28 AM

    For much of their existence in the top flight, Brisbane have boasted some of the best metre-eaters in the game, with Shane Webcke and Petero Civoniceva among the truly elite props of the past twenty years.

    But in 2017 the Broncos playing style told a deceptive story when it came to their front-rowers, with regular bookends Adam Blair and Korbin Sims averaging the least amount of combined running metres for a team's starting props.

    Blair's average of 85 metres a game belied his ability to offload the ball, while Sims (77m per game) had his season interrupted by a broken arm.

    In any case, Wayne Bennett has some new faces up front with Matt Lodge and Sam Tagataese coming into his front-row rotation for Blair (Warriors) and Herman Ese'ese (Newcastle).

    But with Josh McGuire's high work rate at lock and Corey Oates eyeing a move into the back-row, Bennett says his front-rowers won't be pushed to churn out big running metres at the expense of creating second phase play.

    "No we won't be looking to change that style, it's served us pretty well," Bennett told NRL.com.

    "Running hard, passing at the line, offloading, it's worked well with our front-rowers and offers a point of difference up front."
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  14. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    Ahhh, this frustrates me and excites me at the same time..

    I really would just love some big front rowers that don't have to worry about anything other than running it hard and denting the defensive line.

    On the other hand, if they're fluffing around with ball playing forwards.. I'm glad that it's not Blair starting. Exciting to see what Lodge can do with the ball in hand in terms of his vision, I hear he's quite smart with that stuff.
  15. Tstev92

    Tstev92 QCup Player

    What is next for them? If they play colts this year and they nail it what’s the next step? I assume ISC?

    Paix would have to move eventually if he is to continue with the broncos anyway

    With Boyd do you mean get past Scarlett in the broncos pecking order or in the halves at the magpies? One wouldn’t think Hamilton is a sure thing for a spot

    Providing all goes to plan can they an option in 2019 or more 2020?
  16. Travel back in time to the Henjak days, then come back and complain about our current day forwards. The future is bright on the forwards front. It's the spine we should be concerned about.
  17. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Next is having a good year in Colts and making the Queensland Under 18 team. Then they'd progress next year. Paix is going to have to move unless Toowoomba get a team in the ISC. He's just won a state final and MM player of the year so he's not going to be rushed.

    Boyd is at Souths, he got their MM player of the year, so potentially he and Fifita could come through Souths' grades and play ISC there together. Scarlett is going to be at Souths again and be there number one half. So Boyd to play NRL would need to go past him. Which seems pretty unlikely your first year.

    All three could be in the Queensland Under 18's this year, Fifita missed the side last year with his ankle.
  18. Tstev92

    Tstev92 QCup Player

    Thank you for the breakdown i have been curious how it will work exactly now that the Holden cup is gone. So ISC is more the goal for 2019 If they come off a good season.

    With Fifita playing in the trials one would assume he’s likely to be seen in ISC this year?
  19. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    My understanding is that without holden cup it basically reverts back to the old way of players coming up through their local comp or the NRL's affiliate reserve team. Therefore there would be more emphasis on the ISC comps to bring the juniors through

    In the case of the broncos because we have numerous reserve grade sides I'd say we would attain juniors under scholarships and play them through their local teams until a transition into the ISC through an affiliated team.

    I'm sure 1910 will know more about the process though of which I'd be interested to know.

    Overall it seems a better approach than the holden cup model.
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