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    His cowardice cost us.
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    Isn’t this a Broncos 2019 line up thread? 2017 origin ? :)
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    There were 6 broncos in the 2017 game 1 team..... 3 in game 2 with the 2016 player of the series who was a bronco dropped the following year, andthe best QLD game 1 player dropped (a bronco again)... If you play for the broncos you get dropped if the TEAM loses, other nrl team players don't get dropped due to "loyalty".. Why am I mentioning this? Because that's the media favouritism Walters succumbs too. Ofa and oates not being in the origin team somewhere is ridiculous, especially after the pitiful performances of Wallace and Chambers in games 1 and 2 last year. Gavin Cooper being played when players like thaiday and boyd were dropped in view of the future. Milford getting absolutely thrown under the bus with 5 mins to play and with c Smith not turning up, Ben hunt all of a sudden getting a golden run after announcing he is signing for the dragons.

    That's 5 or 6 examples of "harsh" calls only happening to broncos players. Just a coincidence I'm sure. Btw, we had only 1 win less then the titans and the cowboys COMBINED last year and were only 1 win behind the storm... But I'm sure our players were horrendously out of form compared to those players and did not deserve loyalty like the great QLD stalwarts such as Cooper, Wallace, Chambers and Hess...
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  5. Thank you for your perspective Locky Jr.

    Justin O'Neil, Nate Myles, Aidan Guerra and Jacob Lillyman were all dropped ahead of Game II. Oates was hard done by, but are you really going to argue he was better than Valentine Holmes or Dane Gagai?

    Outside of Oates, the other Broncos who were dropped were Anthony Milford and Sam Thaiday. Anthony Milford was a late call-up for Johnathan Thurston who assumed his spot in the second Game. By the third game, Anthony Milford had suffered a dislocated shoulder and was unavailable for selection. I can't blame Walters there.

    Thaiday was lucky to still be apart of the Maroons system and after the Maroons suffered their worst ever defeat at home, a change was necessary.

    Before this series, Chambers had easily been among the Maroons most consistent players and his form at club level was undeniably the best of all the three-quarter options. Likewise, Wallace played well in his initial series and was shown some latitude. In some ways he was lucky, but there wasn't much in regards to alternatives. Ofahengaue's form was improving, but it was only last year he was suiting up for the Magpies and there were real question marks over his future.

    Unlike Thaiday and Boyd, Cooper benefited from a lack of viable alternatives. With Gillett injured and Papalii transitioning to the middle, the only option was Guerra who had failed.

    It wasn't sudden, Ben Hunt was drafted in after Michael Morgan was promoted to the centres. If anything it demonstrates the opposite as Daly Cherry-Evans was the favourite, but Walters believed in Hunt after working with him at the Broncos.

    Unfortunately for Queensland, most of those were unquestionably the best option. Maybe Wallace and Hess can be considered lucky, but it wasn't like their alternates were banging down the door demanding selection. At best, they may have been playing slightly better football.

    I still fail to see the media's role in this. When it comes to Origin, the Sydney media aren't exactly filling out their own 17s for the Maroons and who they should pick. At most they'll state the bleeding obvious about Billy Slater and Kalyn Ponga.
  6. Maroon loyalty is sometimes mistaken for ....no-one better.
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    Good reply and all valid points.... But, when you raise things like "believed in him", "lack of viable alternatives", and "latitude" as part of the reasons for non-broncos players it only strengthens what I am saying surely. Why are these players so "lucky" and get afforded all these luxuries yet broncos players are consistently the first ones dropped for reasons such as looking to the future or not fitting the new team direction. Dropped by the same coach who, judging by his wife's post, is a tad annoyed and has been for some time at the broncos about being overlooked for a position he is obviously not good enough to take if clubs a third the size overlook him as well (Wests tigers).

    The media are the strongest broncos critiques due to its distinct Sydney flavour and the fact hating the broncos sells more papers and gets more clicks then any other agenda in the nrl. Look at any pre origin team by a non-broncos player/fan media personality and it will be the same broncos players that Walters drops due to media pressure rather then performances (eg. Oates did not deserve to be dropped, hindsight might show Holmes is a great player but this bs of oates being a manufactured winger haha, we need his metres and hindsight has also shown that, with such a shit forward pack!)
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  8. You're forgetting a big one.

    Being on the end of a record home defeat. A loss like that is going to call for drastic changes and given the way that series went, I can't believe anyone would argue that the selectors got it wrong.

    You're comparing two different sets of circumstances and arriving to the conclusion that Kev picks whatever side they come up with on NRL 360.

    It's a long bow with hardly any basis.
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    Gotta remember that Oates was dropped because Kev sees him as a backrower. He saw Holmes as our long term winger. Had nothing to do with being a Bronco.

    Milford isn't picked in the halves because he has a tendency to stick his tail between his legs. It's nice to have Munster there in the 6.

    I don't know how McCullough is the QLD hooker ahead of Jake Friend.

    These players need to earn their spots, no longer can they just play for the Broncos and expect an origin jersey down the track.. Although playing for the Broncos does still work to legitimise a players career.
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    Friend was absolute dogshit for most of last year.
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    I still think he was made for origin and would gel better with the side than Macca has done. Can tackle all day and has more variation in attack too.

    He was always the guy next in line to replace Smith up until Mal left and Kev took over (Broncos Bias). Kev has completely overlooked Friend in favour of Macca.

    And I believe Kev is considering Hunt at 9 this year or as a bench hooker... It's pretty bad. Just pick Friend.
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    He was first in line until he turned to shit and McCullough was better than him. Roosters fans were calling for him to be dropped
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    I remember how he played. He had a rough patch.. Fans have short memories though

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    First half of the year, Macca was definitely the best of the non-Smith competition - Friend and Granville were terrible. Friend definitely got better towards the end of the season, but too late to be picked for QLD that year obviously.
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    That was not what one would call an entertaining highlight reel. Also what year was that, 2015? You think Friend should have been picked over McCullough because he had an alright year 3 years before?
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    You tube clips really are irrelevant. They are generally made to show a players good points. Waste of time.
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    Exactly right. Friend was terrible until after Origin and Roosters fans wanted him gone. Based on that form, plus McCullough actually playing pretty well, Friend had no chance at Origin.
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    More highlights in one year from Friend than Macca has made in however many hundreds of games he's played.

    The clip was an irrelevant post with no point to make though.
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    That is simply not true at all and shows that this conversation isn't worth anyone's time.
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