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    That highlights video was from bloody 2013 ... you think Friend should have been picked for origin based off his highlights from 5 years earlier FMD ... plus that was only 1 min 28 seconds out of the entire 2013 season

    see evidence below:

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  3. Friend & McCullough are apples and apples if you ask me, very similar players. Both make their living on the defensive end, neither of them have great kicking games or electric running games. Kev chose McCullough, unless there's a smokey that comes out of the wood works, I can't see any scenario Macca isn't the 9 for QLD again this year.
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  4. upthebroncs

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    It's more personality wise, and cohesion between spine players on the field. I think Friend would gel nicely with DCE and Munster.

    I do think Friend is a more naturally gifted footballer, rather than a manufactured knock off of Cam Smith.

    Macca just doesn't have that next level (mentally or physically) where he can just turn it on for the 80 and decide a game. His version of that is deciding he'll attempt a couple of 40/20's. It's pretty boring and is the reason why having a bench hooker with a bit of spark is a good thing with him.

    Walters will probably pick Macca at 9 and Hunt on the bench as his replacement. Hunt will be used when the side actually needs something out of dummy half other than passing.
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  5. broncos4life

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    Based on what?
  6. Tom

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    All 3 play for scum clubs.
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  7. upthebroncs

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    Based on everything I've seen since watching NRL..

    It's my opinion. We're all allowed to have them.
  8. /bazinga
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  9. Wolfie

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    He is the supercoach
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  10. broncos4life

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    I never said you couldn’t have an opinion, although most people usually back up the opinions with reasoning at least.
  11. Lockysillegitimatechild

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    You're right.... Broncos players shouldn't be picked based solely on wearing a broncos Jersey....

    You did you watch a cowboys or titans game last year?

    Why are players from those teams getting leniency broncos players are not? There is obvious double standards here and it is driven by a media agenda.
  12. The Broncos players were shown the same leniency, it's called incumbency, which is why those players were even in the team to begin with for Game I 2017. When they suffered that record home loss, the entire side was put on notice and drastic changes had to be made.

    There isn't a double standard, just two different set of circumstances that you continually fail to acknowledge.
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  13. Lockysillegitimatechild

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    Yes I agree, it was a shocking result and changes were needed for the next game... Looking to the future (gavin Cooper and ofa not getting selected are fine examples of this), picking pure wingers (dane gagai plays wing right?), picking players in form (eg Cooper, Chambers, glasby, Wallace) or picking winning teams players (eg cowboys or titans 2018 players) are great criteria to drop broncos players and form a strong argument.... These were all Actual reasons that were given for dropping broncos players haha 1 set of rules for some and not others? Surely even you can see the hipocrisy when you look at the team that lost us the origin series last year and those reasons he gave for his selections. That's right HIS SELECTIONS, it was his team and he stated that on multiple occasions that he got the team he wanted after game 1 the year before.
  14. upthebroncs

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    Oates was good on the wing for us and at first I thought he was hard done by. I shortly came around to the idea of Holmes as our winger. He was the Australian winger and a premiership winning winger.

    Kev was hoping to put pressure on Wayne to play Oates in the backrow at club level, and then he wanted to pick Oates in the backrow or probably on the bench for QLD.

    He looks fit this year, more like a big winger than a skinny backrower.

    We'll have a great combo with Bird and Oates on the left edge
  15. Alec

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    Oates can be a gun at his best, but Gagai was pretty much the best player on the field every time he played on the wing, and Holmes was just a try scoring monster - he was easily on track to break try scoring records in Origin and for Australia before leaving. Now that he's gone, there's a perfect opportunity to bring back Oates, and hopefully Gagai stays on the right wing.
  16. He said that after Game II 2018.


    Furthermore he clarified that statement during the Game III team announcement.


    And if you listen to the presser, Walters explains that he went with Cherry-Evans over Taylor because of Ash's defence and tendency to float in and out of games.

    “We just think Valentine’s a genuine speedster, a genuine flyer and an exciting young player that deserves an opportunity at the next level,” Walters said.
    “Corey has been a winger that’s been manufactured over time ... he’s had four really good games for Queensland but we felt the time was right for Valentine Holmes.
    “He’s the current Australian winger. Leaving him on the sidelines was probably not the right option for us for Game Two.
    “He’s doing everything. I don’t think he can do any more than what he has.
    “He deserves an opportunity to show what he can do at this level.”


    I don't think he said that, or meant it in the context you think it does.

    For what it's worth I pulled up a few teams the media was calling for:

    Wally wanted Mat Scott selected, didn't get his wish.


    This media pundit (unsure who it is) wanted Mat Scott and Joe Ofahengaue. He also didn't want Jarrod Wallace or Gavin Cooper in the team, he didn't get his wish.


    Tallis and JT wanted Kev to stick with Ben Hunt for Game 3


    Hodges and Mal wanted Ofahengaue and Mat Scott in the team for Game I, didn't get their wish.


    Hodges also called for Ash Taylor and Joe Ofahengaue for Game III, didn't get his wish


    Sure the media isn't a person and there's a variety of opinions, but those were the opinions offered to the ether and none of them were realised. Considering how few options Queensland has, you'd have to imagine at least one of these media teams would be correct.

    Finally, this is what Kevie had to say about the decisions he made in 2017


    Not to mention, there had been speculation over Sam's future in the Maroons after Bennett demoted him to the bench for 2016.


    So now we know what Kev actually said, and his reasons for dumping players. We can also see that the media has yet to pick one 17 that's actually correct. We also saw the loyalty Walters offered to a Broncos player. These are the facts and you may not agree with his selections, but that doesn't mean he bows down to the media and lets them pick the team. Far from it, in fact it sounds like you'd be happier if he did.
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  17. Friend scored more tries in that clip that McCullough has scored in his entire life......
  18. McCullough 31 NRL Tries
    J. Friend 24 NRL Tries

    Friend has played more games too.
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  19. upthebroncs

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    IMG_8922.jpg IMG_8923.jpg
    Kind of proves that Friend is much more creative than Macca. Also shows that Friend knows how to step up when the halves are struggling. He was good when Maloney left and Pearce was having troubles.
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    I must have missed the part where Fourex said he set up more tries.

    And by set up, I mean pass the ball onto the talented players around him. Which is actually pretty difficult most of the time for Jake.

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