NEWS 2023 Broncos Presentation Ball

Sailor - rookie of the year...were there any other contenders?

Rogers, Mozer and Mariner would have been the other rookies.

Depending on the criteria which I believe is different to the NRL's, Piakura and Willison could have also been on the list.
He had a great year, but did he deserve it over Walsh?

Very questionable.
I thought Walsh too - he was our best 'overall' player.

Haas is legendary - but he has to go out and do a prop's job. Considering our last 3-4 seasons, he deserved it as we were shocking on the field.

Walsh has to go out there and influence the result and win games... it has been a LONG time since we have had a player like this... to actually influence results.

It was a cracker of a season for Walsh, honestly apart from the GF I can't really recall a terrible game from him. (And he wasn't TERRIBLE in the GF... just a mixed bag)
He had a great year, but did he deserve it over Walsh?

Very questionable.

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To round out the remaining recognitions of the night

Community Service Awards: Pat Carrigan, Romy Teitzel and Aunty Robyn Lucas

Clubperson of the Year: Simon Scanlan

XXXX Derby Award – Reece Walsh

1000 NRL Goals – Adam Reynolds

Life Member – 10 Years Service – Corey Oates

100 NRL Games For Broncos – Payne Haas

100 NRL Games For Broncos – Kotoni Staggs

Departing Bronco – Herbie Farnworth (79 Games For Broncos)

Departing Bronco – Thomas Flegler (96 Games For Broncos)

Departing Bronco – Keenan Palasia (53 Games For Broncos)
I'm really happy for Haas. He was clearly the stand out in our awful years and to be clear best player in a GF year (should have been a premiership), so this would probably mean more than the other years he won it.

As mentioned, he levelled up this year and that is very impressive. Looking forward to seeing what he does next year, is there somehow even another level in him?

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