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Mar 28, 2008
Sure but he has ignorantly and quite hypocritically accused the Broncos of poor taste business. Obviously a huge part of there operations and profitability scheme is to be a big presence in the community but at the end of the day they are still the ones heavily committed to said community tirelessly and philanthropically in many different areas such as the Anzac weekend.

Last year the broncos ran at a 100% loss on the jerseys by not selling them and auctioned the said jerseys off for an associating organisation to take 100% profits. A year later they are robbing the broncos fans of another 170 bucks in poor taste without giving to associating parties give me a break.

Sure if you had evidence of that happening fair enough call it out but don’t do the pathetic bullshit of complaining about the standard price of jerseys on the website and then basisly call into question the clubs ethics and integrity on profit making methods.

Broncos do a lot more work to demonstrate the exact opposite of what he claimed without further research and yet even the slightest bit of further research would back that up. So to end up on the other side of that spectrum off general feel about what the club does is disappointing.

In fairness the chances are the broncos are taking a piece of the pie (profits), however nothing guarantees that considering last year they ran at a full loss and still donated the charitable earnings. But at the same time by participating in this initiative they have created multiple pies (not just slices) for multiple associating entities and organisations that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. Hence doing business in far better taste than he is suggesting.

For mine his effortless accusatory comment has a million times more bad taste than any of the work the Broncos and its workers do in this philanthropic space and around the community.

Look I’m no charity or community buff myself this isn’t some big charity rant but to think this club only cares or does good work in the space of entertainment and profitability you are bang off. They tirelessly put in effort to the community and philanthropic work and it’s one thing to go unnoticed but to lazily cop shit suggesting otherwise is poor.

I think if Dave was to read the “probably **** all” he would be confused and disheartened as to how a very active member of a broncos forum partaken in by the keenest of fans thought that’s the way there club would and has operated.

Given you are so concerned with Ning's lack of research into the topic, I assume you've made some calls and shot off some emails to confirm one way or another?


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Mar 28, 2008

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Sep 10, 2018
Given you are so concerned with Ning's lack of research into the topic, I assume you've made some calls and shot off some emails to confirm one way or another?
No cause personally I don’t give a **** what it looks like. But I’m also not the one standing here expecting the worst from my own club for something they have never even remotely indicated doing before. Just don’t buy it if you reserve your doubts. You don’t slander the club and make up bullshit that is completely contradicted by all there dealings in similar spaces in the past.

Could have ascertained in 30 seconds that the outcome was likely something very different.

Like I said I’m no charity buff I rarely ever read any of the media and press releases on the stuff we do in the community and if I do I glance it at best. Yet I’m still very aware of how this benefits more than just themselves even if they were to take all the profits like he suggested. Far more is gotten out of this one off jersey than an 8 game retro jersey or a magic round jersey or a city jersey etc yet they don’t cop shit when they decide to make one of them.

Not holding anything against Ning like I said I’m not remotely a charity or community buff I do the bare minimum in that space it’s no look at me bullshit. But I’ve also been a broncos fan long enough to know that when it comes to philanthropic work without the information accessible of what they intend to do around it this year they deserve the respect and acknowledgment for the work they do without calling into question their motives or people associated with the ANZAC cause will benefit. They have done plenty in previous years to suggest that this is not the motive at all behind it. Rather it’s a celebratory act that benefits the wider community.

Until someone in the know or there is something to suggest otherwise you take it on face value and the evidence suggests at face value that there will be heaps of benefits both tangible and intangible for armed forces and Anzac organisations.

To dispute that is crazy.

I don’t disagree with his notion at all, I agree jerseys are steep and I don’t think organisations should use ANZAC as a profiteering scheme. My issue is the “probably **** all”. Like I said I’m no charity buff or community workaholic I’m just defending and to a certain degree educating that the Broncos deserve a lot more credit for the way they operate in that space than the typical old scummy corporates only care about profit narrative. A magic round jersey would have been more profitable and yet they are doing work in this space like they will again for the indigenous jersey no doubt.

Credit is due where credit is due. I’m not saying everyone needs to put in a weekly gratitude for Broncos community work, I definitely won’t be. This is my biggest devotion towards charity in my life, the 1000 words I have written on it. All I’m saying is give the club a bit of credit. They have at the very least earned the right to not have their integrity called into question in areas such as communal and philanthropic areas. Go fucken ape shit at any other area of the broncos operations for all I care but a lot of good comes from there work for more than just themselves and more than just even charities and that needs to be recognised rather than ignorantly criticised.


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Mar 5, 2008
**** me dead. You've put a lot of words in my mouth there mate and assumed a lot of things from one small remark.

I'm at work so I don't have time to address everything you've said right now, but I was merely sharing my view based on how this goes every year.

It's not just the Broncos. It's across all sports and industries, whereby the ANZAC term is being used more and more for marketing purposes under the guise of 'raising awareness'.

If it raises more money for the right people and does increase awareness, then that is truly fantastic. Anyone who serves, or who has served this country has my ultimate respect. My comment earlier was because I am very sceptical of when these big powerhouse organisations (not just the Broncos) roll out all their ANZAC related product that it's for all the right reasons. Same thing goes for various other promotions that get a run.

Of course I don't have any insider Intel on what funds go where, it was a throwaway comment on an internet forum that no one of any importance is going to read. I used the term 'probably' because I don't have the facts. I'm not making an attack on the Brisbane Broncos rugby league club FFS.

I'll refrain from making any further comment as I obviously don't have the information at hand to offer a truly objective opinion.


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Jun 3, 2021
I've ordered a dodge replica heritage jersey from Aliexpress.

Will report back on quality and display model photos if you're lucky.
@ningnangnong did you end up receiving this? Do we have an update?

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