2024 Broncos Jersey and Sponsorship discussion.

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An oldie but a goldie. When I posted this years ago I got roasted by someone for ‘burning the logo’ lol.


2024 Home jersey remains unchanged

New training kits looks mint. And the Run Out tee is a throwback to the same one we had a few years ago.

Will probably see a new away jersey as its not listed.
I hope they do the city jersey again, they were so, so good.
I hate white jerseys and I still hate those stripes but this one is about as good as a white jersey is going to get.

No I just can't, white jerseys should be burned.
Looks good ... But those damn stripes still trigger me
I still don’t get the asymmetry or whatever they’re trying to do

I’m sure it would look fine if the stripes are joined, even keeping the angles of each line where the colour changes
I think the white jersey looks better with some Maroon in it.

The one I'm looking forward to is the next City Jersey but going by last year we won't see it till a few rounds into the comp.
I dunno. That's starting to look too close to Manlys white jersey. We need more colour.

Also I want one that fits around by waist without having to get 3 sizes too big (which then looks dumb around the shoulders).
Collar gets it over the line for me

But it definitely look like a previous teaming polo worn by the coaching staff
They got the Asics logo in Maroon but not the Kia logo, would look alot better had they did that.
That would be Kia stating how they want it. Companys are very picky about how branding. You never see the Kia logo that isnt white or black, so it being maroon on our jerseys would be odd. From a marketing sense.

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