2024 Broncos Jersey and Sponsorship discussion.

How's the fit? I want to order it online, but I'm worried it's 2023 jersey sized.
Ummm, well, I've got medium and it's not too tight, I'd say it's a lot looser than my 2022 heritage jersey which is medium also.
Also it has like arrating material under the arms which is cool😂
Hate it. The only redeeming quality is the collar, I love collars as it is retro. Other than that, looks like a real estate agent’s polo to a golf day.

I also openly state how much I hate white jerseys.

Then how would you design our away jersey given it needs to be very different from our home jersey.

We could always go back to that aqua thing from 2002 if you prefer
I'm not understanding all the criticism for the new away jersey, I'm quite a fan of the new look.

Same as the home jersey; Broncos going for a modern design and people not liking it.
Yeah, bring back a yellow away jersey. They can switch to the dark jerseys if they clash.
I hate white jerseys as a rule, but this one is nice
Fuckin weird photo shoot for a weird jersey.

Jesus thats a shit job of advertising the new gear......a dozen or more completely useless shots, could have been replaced by a decent photo or two of the jersey in full garb....ie jersey/shorts/socks.

RE the jersey....I don't mind it, like the collar.

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