OFFICIAL A message for BroncosHQ from Billy Walters

so I got the message but it's generic as **** so I don't even think it's worth posting kinda disappointed lol, but whatever.

if you guys really want it i'll post it though, but it's nothing you already know, wanted him to say something about how he thinks he has improved, just general stuff about the team and how erza has been a breath of fresh air in the team.
Well I mean he's not wrong on anything he's saying here.. really loving his attitude. Nothing against Turps personally but man I'm so proud of the upgrade we got in Billy. I said it all preseason he should be our 9
Yeah he's good. Loved turps when he first came on the scene. Hope he can get that back again.
I love how he sticks up for himself and his teammates out there. He backs down from nobody.

I admire that too .
He would of had plenty who wanted to score points for taking out Kevvies boy growing up . I remember some one hitting him late after a kick . He remonstrated with vigour on them .
Wonder if you can ask him what injury he got and how long it will be lol.
Bought another Billy video, I asked him what inspired him into playing the game via his dad or whoever.

His prices raised a bit but I think it was expected because before he was the cheapest rugby league player by miles but even now he is cheaper then most.

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