NEWS 'Abysmal, unacceptable': Legends unload on Broncos

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Super Freak, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. jarro65

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    That would be the decent thing to do...but it doesn't generate the negative media that we all seem to crave.
  2. Tallis and Gilly I can kind of understand tbf...both are contracted to other clubs. Not that I'm saying it's right of course, but they at least have a semi excuse. Didn't Tallis also say on one of the Fox programs that he's cut all ties with the club?
  3. Nah he didn't say that, he just said since he retired he's only walked back into the club a few times because it didn't feel right being there, like he was just an old dinosaur hanging around and wanted to give space for the new breed or whatever.
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  4. big k

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    So the past pkayers talk the talk but not walk the walk.

    To have a go about them about not respecting the players before them and then when tthe hd club makes an effort to get them involved they can't be fucked turning up.
  5. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    I love how Tallis just wanders back into the frame after Bennett is tossed and immediately starts beating his chest and howling about the state the club is in and what has to be done and all that shit, as if the fans would so easily forget he basically pissed on his legacy here by talking the coach and the club down while simultaneously stanning for a rival club who themselves are certainly in no position to be judgmental about anyone's circumstances. The man is as thick as a mining vehicle tyre.
  6. Morkel


    Which means the general public are even thicker. They’re lapping it up.
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  7. Dexter


    Interesting that GI retiring has put this loophole in the news.
    Souths are giving him a job at around $300k and the NRL are going to employ him as well on top.
    The rest of his contract including the rest of this year is now off the cap.

    Rothfield very kindly pointed out that we could do the same with Boyd and wants the NRL to take a look at the loophole.
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  8. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Cheers Sloth.

    We should jump to and do this before the NRL pull the plug on it.
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  9. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    $300k? What is he, the CEO?
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  10. Morepudding

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    We can't do the same with Boyd. Boyd isn't marketable. Most of Brisbane hates him. Inglis is one of the best players of all time and is aboriginal which helps with all the NRL indigenous programs.

    That's why Boyd won't retire. He literally won't be able to get a job. Most people think he's a spoilt brat after all his stupid interviews.
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  11. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    With every post you make it becomes more apparent that you have absolutely no idea about anything.

    Boyd runs his own half-day resilience workshops in several schools and had reached over 300 Indigenous students last year. The workshops deal with depression and mental health and outline strategies for coping with adversity. This led to him being nominated for the Ken Stephens medal last year. He is also the facilitator of a regular group check-in system that monitors the mental health of the Brisbane playing group. He is also an ambassador of Mates in Construction, a charity dedicated to helping men in construction and mining who find themselves pushed to the brink.

    In conclusion, your opinions are often incorrect and even more often, stupid.
  12. Everyone knows my stance on Boyd as a player, especially as a fullback, but that is just a load of shit. Boyd has a decorated rep career, has made great strides with his media persona, and certainly hasn't shamed the organisation off the field or been accused of assaulting his girlfriend.
    He also uses planes that do fly in the rain, but that's probably because he didn't get a boat on the side from the Broncos...
  13. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    Do you think Darius Boyd is anyone's favourite player though? Because honestly I don't think he is. At most Home games he is getting Booed or at the very least, less applause than anyone else in the team...

    I really think he will struggle when his playing career is over. Not all players can get jobs, and there are plenty that were part of his generation that are far better media personalities, and far more marketable.
  14. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    He's easily one of the more set up players after he retires. He has bought, fixed up and sold numerous houses, making a shit load of money as a hobby. The house him and his wife designed was put on the market a few months ago and was in the top 5 listings in Australia.

    Just because he's not interested in a job in the media doesn't mean he will struggle. He gets less applause because he is the first one announced without warning every week. Nobody is at their seats or even paying attention at that point. He's never booed where I sit, but I guess I don't sit anywhere near you.
  15. We need to separate criticism from his performance as a player and captain on the field, which obviously is drawing criticism (warranted imo), and his actions and behaviour off it, which deserve more credit than he gets.

    Sure, he probably isn't as marketable as some players of his generation. He can't compete with a Locky, Thurston, Cronk or Smith, and yes Inglis probably has more fan pull as well.
    However, that is a far cry from making him a spoilt brat hated by most in Brisbane, and if I was to choose which of them I would offer a job to... it definitely would not be Inglis, who seems unable to count to 2 (if his field goal attempt while losing by two is anything to go by).
  16. Foordy


    That's probably because you sit in the stadium
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  17. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    I suppose if you were the manager of a dodgeball team youd be keen to employ boyd. He's pretty exceptional at dodging the guy with the ball.
  18. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    You're doing quite well at dodging yourself, mate.
  19. I would quit while you are ..... well I can't say ahead, I would say only three miles behind.
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  20. broncos4life

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    I hope you don’t take the fact that only a few people are responding to you as some kind of endorsement.
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