Analyst blows whistle on Maroons' dirty play



State of Origin Captain
Mar 5, 2008
AN INDEPENDENT analyst engaged by NSW officials to review Origin I has found that Queensland were able to get away with 10 incidents that warranted penalties, while match officials missed just one infringement by the Blues.

The findings from Wednesday night's controversial 18-10 loss in Melbourne have reinforced the view of NSW coach Ricky Stuart and his players that the Maroons play by a different set of rules in Origin.

Why didn't they name him/her
Oh FFS get over it NSW, you lost! The series reads QLD 1-0, QLD won the the game, stop whinging and just face facts YOU LOST. By the letter of the law it was a try, stop crying like little girls and man up. Put all this energy into beating QLD in game 2 rather than throwing a tantrum and going home early to mummy.

I'm so bloody sick of reading about all the injustices that happened to NSW. How about scoring more points, how about the fact you were still behind on the scoreboard even if they rule no try. At the end of the day you lost get over it, move on and let me leave you with one last thing that all your whinging can't change... SCOREBOARD!!
This is definitely a strategy from Stuart. All the pressure will be on the referees and they will over penalize the Maroobs as a result.
Lolz even gallen said during the game it's reffed differently.

But yeah I see a penaltyathon against us
I thought they got away with heaps of holding down and second efforts which should have been penalized. This is a gee up.
"Winger Akuila Uate being elbowed by Cameron Smith."

so there is no one within the NSWRL community that know the game well enough to decide for themselves whether NSW were dudded by the refs ... they have to hire someone who gets paid by telling NSW what they want to hear :lol:
I still get chills...
That is the WORST call I've ever seen. Can anyone remember what the explanation was for the decision? Did he say Hodgson "didn't play at it"?

This is the worst call I have ever seen. What did Qld do when this happened?

Did we then hire a private analyst to find out why it was given a try?

Did we go on a media ban?

Did we publicly seek retribution from all referees involved?

No. We pulled our socks up and kicked nsw arse.

Is there someone with the skills to make a gif of this or a poster, so we too can send this viral....

Something along the lines of; "oh Greg Inglis scored a controversial try and you lost the game? Tell me more about how that one moment was the reson you lost" and just the picture of Hodgson kocking on!
I'll never forget that game. So many players that weren't that great but had the passion and will to win.
I still get chills...
That is the WORST call I've ever seen. Can anyone remember what the explanation was for the decision? Did he say Hodgson "didn't play at it"?

We never got an explanation because QLD didn't bitch and whinge like NSW do. We just got on with it. I think the call was that he played at it, but his arms never touched it ....

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