Analyst blows whistle on Maroons' dirty play

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Why was Freddy involved, did he have to hold Luke Phillips and Ashley Klein's hands.

Tim Mander speaks out

While Klein and Phillips are the chief agitators, it has emerged a third member of the refereeing fraternity has also attempted to cultivate anti-Harrigan sentiment.


It's Tony Archer.

No surprise. Archer missed out on Origin 1. Klein is just shit, as shown yesterday. Phillips is reserve grade standard still.
The whole problem with the "GI scoring from a 50/50 call-gate" is the ref's are going to be over the top in administering the ruck in Game 2, which plays straight into Sticky's hands.

Devilish smart little people down south; instead of training, learning and developing a winning culture, simply blame refs, random players and coaches for 6 seasons of mediocrity.
And now they have got Archer back in to do just that.
Tony Archer's State of Origin record:
2008 Game 1: NSW won 18-10
2008 Game 2: QLD won 30-0
2008 Game 3: QLD won 16-10
2009 Game 1 (w Hayne): QLD won 28-18
2009 Game 2 (w Hayne): QLD won 24-14
2009 Game 3 (w Hayne): NSW won 28-16
2010 Game 1 (w Hayne): QLD won 28-24
2010 Game 2 (w Hayne): QLD won 34-6
2010 Game 3 (W Hayne): QLD won 23-18
2011 Game 1 (w Maxwell): QLD won 16-12
2011 Game 3 (w Hayne): QLD won 34-24

So overall, QLD has won 9 of 11 games under Archer...not that surprising considering it's been in the last few years :P
Archer and Hayne are the best refs in the game IMO. They should both have automatic selection for any rep matches where an Australian ref is needed.

Archer over Hayne for the Internationals.

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