-NEWS- Anthony Seibold insists Darius Boyd will not be forced into an early retirement


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Does anybody care about the fact that Darius without question is the worst 5/8 in the NRL? If he plays fullback, then he is the worst 1 in the NRL? I like Seibold but FMD if a player fails to perform then you have to drop him. Part of being a coach is doing what is best for the side and that includes making the tough calls.
Asiata? Struggling to think of any others though TBF.

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I think Seibs said the reason he hasn't been dropped. He has been great for him and all the young blokes. Maybe Boyd is a good leader behind the scenes. Is a professional and honourable bloke who owns his current form in private with his teammates and coach. Maybe the boys love him and want him to be at his best again.

While we all bag the bloke from the outside we have zero idea of what goes on behind closed doors. He could be the thing that has held the team together post Wayne. Boyd can have his chance next year. The club and him will have 14 games to find out if he still has it.

I would rather a senior player like Boyd then slippery cunts like Pearce, Ponga and Klemmer who would rather try and get their coached sacked then own their shit performances. I don't care about what Boyd says in the media as long as him and the coach are honest in private.
This is a excellent post...i should know cause i didn't write it...

The post Bennett hangover angle for me is huge; maybe Darius behind the scenes helped facilitate Siebs transition. Everyone at the club knew the bond between WB and him, Darius backing the new coach behind the scenes is something we may never be privy too but would have been a huge endorsement for the younger guys to hear...
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Asiata? Struggling to think of any others though TBF.

Ill get my coat on the way out......
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It's not Boyds fault he keeps getting picked, and it's not Boyds fault the club decided to pay him big money. The way some of you carry on its like Darius is forcing people to pick him.
He is...by simply remaining in the running.

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