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  1. Browny

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    This, the BBL won’t be moved as school holidays is the perfect time for them. Or at least make the fringe players play the next tier down
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  2. Thelmus

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    Its pretty obvious to me (and probably anyone else whose played) that there are way too many "flat track bullies" who know nothing of surviving for the long haul as batsmen.
    They're great at belting wayward bowlers, but any kind of diciplined seam bowling and they go to water in the contest.
    I don't actually blame them as it what they have been expected to do to earn a living.
    Why anyone thinks 4 day cricket is an unnecessary stepping stone to tests bewildered me.
    That's where you learn to vide your time and play the long game. Think of a player like kaditch who would have a strike rate in the 30s at the start of his innings and 100 or more at his century. We thrown away the development of those kind of players in the grab for cash, not realising success at test cricket feeds the desire for limited overs, not the reverse.
    The sport is living on borrowed time and may soon go the way of union.
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  3. This is pretty much where we are at with cricket in Australia.

    Being a junior coach, including a number of rep sides, I see a lot of kids who have dominated at club level but the lack in fundamentals and technique of these kids really shows them up when they get to the next level of cricket. The thing they don't realise is, a good shot is a good shot in any form of the game. This is exactly what Jacques Kallis said when he played for the Thunder a few years back.

    I've been to coaching seminars where Cricket NSW Academy Coaches are teaching us how to teach ramp shots, reverse sweeps and how to clear the front leg instead of focussing on batting with balance, good footwork and concentration. Going off where our national side is at, I'm not sure this is the way to go. To me, this is just getting them better prepared so they can slot into some BBL or IPL side so they can cash in but we aren't seeing any reward for our national sides.

    I find it funny how Cricket Australia has put a lot of time and effort into boosting our T20 performances, at the detriment of our test performances, and we still aren't that great at T20. We need to be smarter at how we develop our young players. As a junior coach, I hate when we have to play T20s, as I can see the kids are getting nothing out of them in terms of their overall development.
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  4. Alec

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    I really do enjoy the T20 - something quick and intense (in a non-sexual way) all the way through. But I also kind of wish it never happened, you are definitely gonna see more and more players concentrate on that as it can pay more and not be as hard on your body...unless you are a psycho like Lynn, trying to tear your rotator cuff with every 2nd or 3rd shot.
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  5. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    It is embarrassing that we've let young kids get away with good techniques because they have a good eye and are making runs at junior level. I swear if someone tries to teach my kid a rampshot I'll be having strong words with that coach.
  6. Sproj


    The other problem (and I like the idea above about cricket going the way of union because I think it already is due to the following reason) is the AFL. A lot of the more promising cricket kids in recent years have been multi-talented and there are often articles about these kids picking AFL over cricket (ala league over union) because the money is better, the travel is less (there are a lot of mummy's boys in AFL states) and they get the football season fame. There are also far more opportunities to make it big and get fat contracts even if they aren't the elite of the elite.
  7. 1. Starc
    2. Hazlewood
    3. Cummins (c)
    4. Lyon
    5. Pattinson
    6. Cutting
    7. Paine
    8. Siddle
    9. J.Richardson
    10. Stanlake
    11. Bird

    I'm thinking this should be our XI for the next test series
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  8. Alec

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    Sounds good. Meanwhile, get the batsmen bowling 30+ overs a day each, see if they can learn some patience and pacing from that.
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  9. Battler

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    It’s great for the game, but horrible for test cricket (at least in the short term). It’s getting more and more nations into cricket, and is a product that could be sold into huge markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, especially if it can get into the olympics.

    Aren’t AFL players at an increased risk of concussion than RL and Rugby players because they get blindsided more often? AFL as a product is **** horrible, so hopefully that fact combined with further scrutiny of concussions and their long term consequences should slowly kill it off. The cult like mindset of Victorians is the only thing fuelling that shit show of a sport.
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  10. Mitch Johnson reckons Starc should be dropped for the Sri Lanka series, hard to disagree with that, he's been comfortably our least consistent bowler. It's no different to our batsmen, doesn't matter if he's got the highest ceiling of all the bowlers, if he's not performing, he needs to go. Bring in someone like Boland, Tremain or Worrall who have the wickets on the board.
  11. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    So you’re saying we need to train smarter?
  12. Socnorb


    The stats would show the opposite. AFL now a truely National sport. It will continue to be a dominant code. Your appraisal of it as a sport it your opinion. But hey I don’t get scoccer.
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  13. 1910

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    Why just Starc though? You could mount a case for all of them if you really wanted to.

    Hazlewood has 13- Starc too and Cummins has 14. Starc has the highest average and I think he bowled all over the shop regarding his planning but I don't think he was stand out on his own bad.

    All three were pretty similar. They have struggled for a plan and then a plan B, I think too like Johnson Starc is best in short bursts not 27 overs of slog.
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  14. 1910

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    Before today, the last time an Australian Test side was asked to follow-on on home soil was more than 30 years ago, back in 1988

    1988: David Boon, Geoff Marsh, Dean Jones, Allan Border (c), Mike Veletta, Steve Waugh, Peter Sleep, Greg Dyer (wk), Peter Taylor, Tony Dodemaide, Craig McDermott

    2019: Marcus Harris, Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne, Shaun Marsh, Travis Head, Peter Handscomb, Tim Paine (c, wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood

    Who wins?

    1988 showed some fight- England 425 and Australia 214. Following on 2/328 Boon 184.

    Can't see 2019 getting 2/328 and a draw out of this.
  15. Australia:

    Finch (c)
    Carey (wk)
    S Marsh
  16. roo-ted

    roo-ted NRL Player

    India's KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya have been suspended pending an inquiry into comments they made about women on a TV talkshow this week, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have announced.

    Batsman Rahul and all-rounder Pandya have been heavily criticised in India and on social media for remarks that have been widely condemned as sexist and inappropriate.
  17. Alec

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    I wonder what they said, because these days snowflakes love to get offended over just about everything.
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  18. roo-ted

    roo-ted NRL Player

    Yeah they were my thoughts also. My bet is that it was something that was taken the wrong way or something ridiculous like that
  19. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Finch bowled through the gate....again
    Pandya has random hook-ups where he doesn't bother asking names and sn't afraid to talk about his sex life with his parents.

    Worth noting that he revealed this on Koffee with Karan, essentially the Indian version of Graham Norton.

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