NEWS Brisbane hire Matty Johns to help end their premiership drought

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  1. Gaz

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    Brisbane hire Matty Johns to help end their premiership drought

    FEBRUARY 08, 2019
    Brisbane have hired one of the code’s most accomplished playmakers to unlock the magic in $1 million man Anthony Milford and help the Broncos break the longest title drought in their history.
    The Courier-Mail can reveal Brisbane’s key shot-callers have been flying to Sydney for remedial work with former NSW Origin pivot Matt Johns in a bid to strike more consistency in their playmaking spine this season.
    A 197-NRL game veteran who with champion brother Andrew led Newcastle to the 1997 premiership, Johns has become a tactical consultant to NRL stars.
    His knowledge has turned young halves into Origin performers and premiership winners, headlined by former Queensland ace Cooper Cronk, Melbourne’s Cameron Munster and Souths’ Adam Reynolds.
    The Johns brothers in Blues training before Origin in 1998.
    Now the Broncos have turned to Johns as new coach Anthony Seibold challenges Milford and his teammates to find the chemistry that can deliver Brisbane’s seventh premiership.
    During the past month, Milford, halfback Kodi Nikorima, hooker Andrew McCullough, skipper Darius Boyd and rookie recruit Sean O’Sullivan have travelled south for personal sessions with Johns.
    Milford and Nikorima mixed brilliance with patches of inconsistency last season, but Johns says working with Brisbane’s playmakers has convinced him the Broncos will challenge for the title in 2019.
    Anthony Milford is due a big season for Brisbane. (AAP Image/Darren England)
    “I see the Broncos as a top-four side,” Johns said.
    “I did some stuff with the Souths halves last year when ‘Seibs’ was there and we got some good results.
    “When Anthony (Seibold) arrived at the Broncos, he called me and said can we do the same thing with these blokes (Brisbane’s halves).
    “I’ve done two sessions now in the last few weeks and we’ll probably get together one more time before the premiership starts.
    “Kodi and ‘Milf’ have been excellent. I’ve been genuinely impressed by all of the guys who have flown down.
    “The Broncos are going to shock some people this year.”
    Finding a dominant scrumbase union is viewed as the final piece in Brisbane’s premiership puzzle.
    Milford and Nikorima both turn 25 this year and while they have natural attacking instincts, Johns has been teaching Brisbane’s spine some old-school methods.
    “Because of the 10m rule, there is more onus now on athleticism and that finer art of ball-playing — the subtlety — has gone out of the game,” Johns said.
    “I have worked on some key principles with the guys — how to manufacture a hole for your hole-runner; game awareness and how to manage and build a set of six tackles.
    “There’s a park 100 metres down the road from my place. The Broncos boys have stayed at a hotel overnight and we’ll walk down to the park and lay out witches hats as defenders.
    “I take the complex tactical stuff and simplify it.
    “I have spoken to Milf and Kodi, saying this is how to build pressure. We work on segments of the field and how you can still a control a set of six if something happens that goes unplanned.
    “The sessions have been outstanding. I’ve already seen improvements.”
    Johns dismissed suggestions Nikorima and Milford, who have amassed a combined 222 NRL games, are too similar to work harmoniously.
    “Kodi and Anthony are still learning the art of playmaking. It takes time to understand your own game,” he said.
    “Broncos fans need some patience, but just watching them, they can be an enormous partnership and take Brisbane to the top four this year.
    “They are coming into their peak years together. Kodi and Milf can be dominant for a lot of years.”

    Source: Courier Mail
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  2. Alec

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    Sounds good to me. I dunno if 3 sessions are enough, but I'm sure he can still pass on something.
  3. Morkel


    How to manufacture a hole for your hole-runner. Considering the crop of edge forwards, this is critical.
  4. Stu_9

    Stu_9 QCup Player

    This is good.
    I did hear whispers this was happening, but thought it was odd the media hadn’t really put an article together on it. Johns is a very good head with the little tactical things in the game. I think this will be great for both Milf and Niko.
    I’m liking how Seibs has really taken these guys out of their comfort zones, and to some degree is laying down his expectations on our attacking men. I doubt he will be taking too many excuses from the boys this year, although I do believe we will need to be patient in waiting for the absolute best out of the boys.
  5. **** excellent. I've been calling for this for years.

    The Johns brothers, Matty especially, have mentored some of the best halves in the comp and I can't wait to see what he can do with Milford.
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  6. BroncsFan

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    To me this is one of the main things a good playmaking half has to be able to do... not only does it make the man outside you become a weapon but as soon as the defence leans too much towards him does it then become a weapon for the runner. I think Kodi is already accustomed to this way of playing hence why we talk about his short ball so much, but it's something milf still lacks in.

    Milf being able to utilise his edge second rower, run himself or dump it to the fullback will make him lethal. Not to mention that he already has a more than useful short kicking game
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  7. Cult3

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    Isn't Johns also working with Ponga? I wonder if he's giving away all of his info to the team he doesn't support
  8. theshed

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    Matty has worked with about 6 teams this off season.
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  9. Johns is big on having the halves straightening the attack, which has been our problem for years.
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  10. 007

    007 QCup Player

    Its huge thing in today's game, gives so much more room for outer ball running and buys more time for ball in play.
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  11. Then what the f*** is the great Alfie and Lockyer doing?!

    These Novacastrian SOB's were schooled by Broncs halves for decades.
    We don't need the enemy teaching us what to do.
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  12. Browny

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    Remember that Milf knocked back getting coaching from Locky
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  13. Stix

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    Was just thinking the same thing! But I'm sure they are getting support from Alf and Locky. And the more help the better I suppose. Its good hearing about how much effort is being put into these 2.
  14. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Being a talented player doesn't always mean you'll be a talented coach. The Johns brothers had success in the past, no reason we can't go outside the Broncos family.
  15. Wolfie

    Wolfie State of Origin Rep

    I think Bennett gave him the choice. Dont think Seibold is.
  16. Wouldn't it make more sense that one man (Johns) flies up here, instead of 5 men....flying down to NTLE?
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  17. broncos4life

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    Yep. And tbh he never should have been given the choice. Could you imagine in your job if your boss said to you that they need you to work on this area and to help I have organised one of the best in the business to mentor you and you said “nup”?
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  18. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    To be fair to Milf, being a big signing 6 the comparisons to Lockyer were unavoidable, and being mentored by the man himself would have made it an even bigger deal. I can get why he would’ve balked at the idea. A few seasons on though, he couke probably use help from Locky without the added media pressure.
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  19. Actually I think the support for Milford is all that Siebold is concerned with. I believe Knik is right on the precipice and unless he starts well he will be gone by mid season. By gone I mean back to the bench and hoping he fits needs according to the strengths and weaknesses of that weeks competition. I forecast he will be playing ISC at times this season. It's just a few things I've noticed, media reports, actions by Siebs and the glowing reports about Kniks understudy that prompt me to write this. Don't mind being wrong though.
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  20. Stix

    Stix NRL Player

    I reckon you're right. I hope Niko fires, but if he doesn't I don't think Seibs will **** about.

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