NEWS Brisbane hire Matty Johns to help end their premiership drought

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    It seems as if no stone is being left un-turned when in recent years it has been. Kicking isn’t up to scratch? Righto, off to AFL coaches to learn to kick properly. Halves playing isn’t as strong as it could be? Righto, Matty Johns can you help? Fitness isn’t as great as it could be? Righto, new high performance coach and training methods, showing measurable improvements. No-one is guaranteed a spot no matter who you are, rather than permanent spots being handed on a platter to certain individuals...

    Why none of this seemed to occur under Wayne is baffling, but we’ve all been calling for it for years, so hopefully injuries don’t curse us and we have a strong year because of it.
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  1. Yeah well that’s fine if you are dominating as a half. You’re not? Well guess what, you’re not knocking back anything. Eff’ing do it like this. No excuses...
  2. Dee

    Dee QCup Player

    We needed a change and change is here. It has arrived. I hope this sparks the club and the team to more success. Just making the 8 or the finals isn't cutting it anymore. It's premiership or bust, I hate putting that pressure out there but it's the truth. No more **** around. No more mediocrity. 13 years without a premiership is unacceptable. Bring on 2019!
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  3. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    We are a really healthy chance if we stay healthy
    I foresee a decade of dominance coming our way now that Melbourne have had their core ripped to pieces. Here's to showing them what's what R1
  4. Dee

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    Ever noticed we have a really successful season when we defeat Melbourne? 2006, premiers by defeating Melbourne and we believed we could win the title by losing (but really winning mentally) to Melbourne. 2015, we were true premiership contenders once we beat Melbourne in Melbourne in that close game where we defended set after set after set. 2008, semi, let's not go over this game but we had Melbourne beat, it was a premiership lost.

    So, what I'm saying is, going by the trend, if we can somehow beat Melbourne in rd 1, I'm guessing we'll have a pretty great season. Fingers crossed.
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  5. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

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  6. theshed

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    Yes but that is mostly because Melbourne have been the bench mark team for 10 years. If you can beat them than you are a real contender for the title.
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  7. Except in 2010, then it's merely a consolation prize for a year of disappointment and frustration.
  8. Or 2003 when the two highest points of the season were the return to lang park(and that is ignoring the inability to win home games there and the many injuries) and Scott Minto's match winning try against the Storm.
  9. I wouldn't consider 2003 since Melbourne wouldn't become the benchmark in 2003.

    Similarly the salary cap drama could render the 2010 result null and void. However, 2009 and 2016 show that beating Melbourne isn't all that it's cracked up to be either.
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  10. Dee

    Dee QCup Player

    That's my point. We rarely beat the Storm but when we do, we almost always have a really great season.
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  11. I think you make some excellent points there Big Pete that said I wasn't really making them out to be a benchmark side of 2003, rather I view the Storm as a side that have frequently troubled the Broncos regardless of their status on the ladder since their introduction into competition.
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  12. Could have fooled me, I thought it was just another excuse to name-drop the myth himself.
  13. Stu_9

    Stu_9 QCup Player

    We can 100% beat Melbourne in rd1.
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  14. Not really mate, in a rather forgettable season of 2003 where the "myth" stands as one of the few highlights is ironically a season where we hold a better win record against the Storm then our past two premiership winning seasons combined. Doesn't mean I suddenly rate 2003 highly because we had more success against the Storm.
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  15. Brotherdu

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    It's probably more about getting them out of their comfort zones than anything else. Flying down there and training somewhere other than the Bronco's facilities would be good for them.
  16. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    The question is, will the Storm's defence be able to withstand the might of our new pack that's positively bristling with brut muscle, and youthful arrogance peppered with a smattering of experience? Especially with Billy not organising the line from the back. I recall the second origin when he made his return, within minutes it was apparent how much his influence was missed in game one.

    I reckon the storm will suffer for quite a bit having lost the two most credited with organisational skills. In fact I think we will quite comfortably in round one. Oh how the hype will explode when we blow them off the park.
  17. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    I like the Melbourne Storm.

    I like the way they go about their business on and off the field.

    I've been researching the Super League War from the 1990s and looked up what John Ribot was doing.

    I found a "Where are they now?' article on the Storm website.

    Copying the Broncos formula and perfecting it was always the plan. He says:

    '“We always wanted to be better than the Broncos. We weren’t trying to be arrogant saying that, a lot of people thought it was a big statement to make but I don’t apologise for that,” Ribot said.'

    They won the premiership in just their second year while it took us 5 years to get the job done.

    They've contested nine grand finals and by and large there's been very little difference in their best and worst performances (strangely, one of their worst was last year's decider - couldn't believe how poor they were, tbh).

    Interestingly, he says that if they didn't meet the criteria they'd be kicked out. The NRL didn't do them any favours. What a world we live in now when the NRL will most likely blink first and step in to save the Cronulla Sharks.

    The Sharks need to fold or relocate and that's the ony choice they should be given in the matter. It's time to grow up and look to new markets.

    The game is becoming more inwards and backwards looking every year.

    Here's the article:
  18. But they cheated to get to how many of those?

    We need to stop counting that shit
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    I'm bothered by the inconsistent record keeping.

    We shouldn't count Melbourne's 2006-09 run, but we give the Raiders a pass for 1990-91?

    Three members of Newcastle's 1997 premiership winning side tested positive to performance enhancing drugs, including Man of the Match Robbie O'Davis, yet it's remembered as one of the greatest underdog victories in the history of the game.

    None of those teams deserve to be recognised. They weren't champions, they were cheats and it's embarrassing how dishonest the game is with itself.

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