Broncoman's State of Origin thread of hope and despair

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2016' started by Broncoman, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Sproj


    Hehe Woodridge! But...let's not forget the great areas like Kings Cross and the penthouse that is Ashfield. ;)
  2. Read: Broncoman has nothing.

    You're pretty much Marty Huggins trying to trash talk Cam Brady. Except this time, no one is here to make your team not suck.
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  3. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    That's because a) you blokes have to split your tears across so very many losses, and b) the only time we've lost a series it was due to the refs and judiciary screwing us while Cooper Cronk broke his arm and honorary New South Welshman Daly Cherry-Pearce completely shat the bed, so any complaints were justified. I mean, do you even know how bad it is to have to carry a useless halfback who'll never win shit at rep level?
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  4. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Woodridge has nothing on the slums of Sydney. Woodridge is actually really really tame compared to parts of Sydney.
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  5. Ever seen Blacktown?

    My **** god..
  6. Meh. It's a mining town. Not really a bad one IMO.

    Mount Druitt though... now there's a place that Inala looks like luxury.
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  7. Well, well well...look who it is.

    52-6 loserman

    end of/

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  8. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Is that the best you can think of?

    Try harder Mr Cat Piss
  9. Really....? and after your Woodridge comment.....

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  10. Foordy


    fixed it for you
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  11. 0:52 onwards is what you should be watching.

    Just wait until Tuesday, I'll have something even better :)

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  12. LittleDavey83

    LittleDavey83 NRL Player

    I do wonder, if we were too old and slow *ahem* last year, what about this year?

    Do you have a feeling, Bman? NSW to win? And by how much?

    I mean, this is your thread of despair, but I thought I should let you have a little hope as well...
  13. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Wow I look so young there can't believe that was me 4 years ago. I'm now 21 and look totally different.
  14. In response to us reminding you that our team is far better than yours, you quote a year old post, with a photo of yourself in it, to remind us what you looked like 4 years ago?

    You're as good at footy banter as NSW are at footy.
  15. Morkel


    Leave him alone. It was better times for him. After all, in just two short years, NSW win a series! He'll show that photo to his grandkids.
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  16. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    "You see this kids, see how happy I am? That's because even then I knew we were so close to victory, a mere 2 years away from the greatest origin series, nay the greatest game of sport in the history of sport. A game that would rewrite history through its sheer awesomeness. These were the days of our lives - sands through the hourglass indeed..."
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  17. One in a row. #Neverforget
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  18. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    I wonder if Roosterman goes back to the **** Pit or whatever the Roosters forum is called to brag about how great his banter is every year.
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  19. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    It's called the chookpen and I've never used it, stumbled across it before.
  20. abashii

    abashii NRL Player

    And yet he still keeps talking up NSW here despite years of painful failures. Looks like Broncoman is the Mitchell Pearce of the internet.
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