NEWS Broncos adapting to ‘intense’ Seibold training sessions.

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    Broncos adapting to 'intense' Seibold training sessions

    Veteran forward Matt Gillett has hailed the increased intensity of training sessions under new coach Anthony Seibold as the Brisbane Broncos target big improvements in 2019.

    Gillett said Seibold's methods had been an education for the entire squad and was able to pinpoint the major change between training under the new coach and under former mentor Wayne Bennett.
    "The intensity in our training sessions," Gillett said.

    "Coming in and out of drills you know it is a lot more intense and faster. We are under fatigue the whole time when we are training and that's what games are like. We are trying to simulate game pace.

    "Seibs has done a great job with the entire playing group. The three weeks leading up to Christmas was a learning curve with the way he wants to run things but we are all excited about what is to come."

    Hooker Andrew McCullough insists adjusting to the methods of Seibold will be no excuse for the side not to start the season with the right defensive mindset.

    The Broncos leaked 500 points in the regular season in 2018, the worst of all top eight sides, and started last year with four losses from the opening seven games. The losses to the Dragons, Titans and Storm all showcased Brisbane's defensive frailties.

    The Brisbane hooker was quick to hit on the head suggestions the Broncos would take time to adapt to Seibold's coaching.

    "I'd like not to think so," McCullough said.
    "Overall we are working pretty hard now. We have got to work on our effort areas this year. We leaked a lot of tries last year, and you can't compete against the top teams by leaking too many points.
    "Defensively we need to be right straight away.
    "Is the ball work going to be right straight away? I'm not too sure, but the effort areas and key moments in games are where it will be crucial at the start of the year."

    The Broncos were never in the top four at any stage in 2018 after slipping to 10th after round seven. The closest they got was after the final round of the competition when they moved into sixth position.
    While only two points away from the top four it was Brisbane’s for and against, and in particular their "against", that counted against them from the start of the year.
    McCullough said the squad would be able to adapt to Seibold's ways by adopting the right approach.
    "You've got to have the mindset of wanting to change and wanting to compete and we are doing that at the moment. We are still eight to 10 weeks off [playing] ... but we need to get things right now," he said.

    The return of Gillett from injury is set to strengthen the Broncos edge defence, which had its issues in 2018.
    The Dragons targeted that area with great success in week one of the finals but McCullough said the Test forward's return, combined with the experience gained by younger members of the squad last season, augured well for the year ahead.

    "[Gillett] has played a mountain of games for the Broncos, Queensland and Australia, so if you pull any guy out of any team with that reputation it is going to hurt, but on the flip side it was a good opportunity for those young guys to experience [NRL] a bit quicker than they would have, the Dave Fifitas and the Jaydn Sua's," McCullough said.

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  2. Can't wait for round 1. Pretty damn excited to see how we play under Seibold. He's an exciting prospect as a coach.
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    Looks promising early on.
    I looked forward to 2018 too but ended up disappointed and I'm hoping 2019 won't be the same. This year will be different because I'll be interested in three teams and their fates. Naturally the Bronco's will get my fullest attention but I'll keep an eye on both Souths and the Sharks, probably watch most of their games too. I hope AS brings us greater success and it sure sounds like he's focused on that.

    Why were Souths so keen to get rid of him? Or why did they let him go if they wanted to retain him? Probably should ask eta carinae, he apparently knows what happens behind closed doors and at private meetings he never witnessed.
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    Source: Courier Mail
  5. Gaz

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    Seriously... take it to the other thread instead of letting this one get turned into 15 pages of dribble
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    No enough, enough of this bullshit and stirring people up with what you know is garbage.

    It is well known and well published that Souths did not want to lose him or get rid of him. The spent most of the year trying to re-sign him and got nasty when he rejected them because he wanted to join the Broncos.

    Why are you doing this? What do you have to gain?
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    Are they just doing suicides and laps? That's all I have seen in the videos and pictures. I hope we don't get burnt out
  9. Morkel


    One of the quotes above says "We are under fatigue the whole time when we are training and that's what games are like". So I'm hoping they're still doing something like basic formation drills, ballwork etc as well, but they're getting worked over beforehand so they're learning to complete those drills under the same sort of fatigue that they get in a game. It's the logical thing to do, like ALSO TRAINING AT NIGHT LIKE WHEN 90% OF OUR GAMES ARE PLAYED, which I hope they do too.
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    Seibold focuses a lot on quick change over, so defence to attack and the other way around. The drills are set up so you're under fatigue and having to make decisions in attack and defence then swap. Do it fast and do it fatigued just like you do in games. But then he teaches you the right decision to make and how to make it quickly.

    Change over from discpline is when teams get scored on or make mistakes. Every drill is fitness, skills, tactical, and mental awareness.
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  11. Take what? You pick one or two lines out of my post, blow it up out of all proportion with your shit about 15 pages and ignore the rest. Besides, it's a legitimate question isn't it? If I can't ask a question in a thread about the subject of the question then what sort of opinion forum is it?

    There's no mention of former coaches.
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    Watched a training session before Christmas and they finished off with plenty of ball work with opposing sides. Can’t see any problem there.

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    Though it’s about time that we put more effort into our fitness.
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    I get your frustration @Huge@Huge. There are a few on here (not many) who will twist and obfuscate anything you write in order to start some meaningless tirade. I treat them with the contempt they deserve and ignore them. Trolling, it seems, is a natural tool for some who have nothing better to do, or say. I know it's hard at times to ignore it, but for the sake of your sanity learn to engage with comments that interest you and ignore the negativity.
  15. True and your point is well made. That said, it doesn't hurt me to engage despite the misquoting and obfuscation, the strawman arguments and lies. I watch the Atheist Experience on YouTube and this is often said to them and they are asked, why? Why bother, why engage? Their answer generally is to the point. They say, we don't engage to win an argument or change a callers mind rather we engage for the silent, the ones who never call the show but listen without trying to think on the run when under pressure, for the people who press pause and consider a different viewpoint without being hounded and pressurized. Lots of people read our posts on this forum and never comment and I want my views to offer a different take. I'm sure that's true of a few others too insomuch as they want to be fairer, to present less jaundiced views for the silent to consider.
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    Don't even know why I'm bothering to respond, but the subject of this thread is the players adapting to a new training regime. How does that at all relate to your questions of why did souths get rid of AS. Especially when there is already a thread going on about the circumstances of the coach swap.

    I had no issue with the first part of your post hence why I didn't quote it, but the second part appeared to be carry on from the other thread which to me has become unreadable and I don't want to see another thread get railroaded into a 15 page circle of text walls.

    Hence take your questions that I quoted to the appropriate thread rather than rehashing them here.
  17. Fair comment and you're right. I was wrong to include those couple lines in the wrong thread.
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    It’s fun reading only half a conversation
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    Hope he can talk him into extending.

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