NEWS Broncos finals hopes in the lap of footy gods


NRL Player
If we make it to the second week of the finals, history will record Seibold as being an improvement on Bennett's last year.
Yeah but as much as I’m a fan of Bennett I care more about success than how history views him or Seibold.


QCup Player
Say what you want, but I think the Loss against Bulldogs will probably help us for the Parra game, just Remember if we can somehow stumble to the 3rd week we get TPJ back and given he is one of our best attacking weapons who know what will happen(plus we are not on the Storm side of the draw if they beat Raiders).

We haven't been good on the road this season though so I don't expect much, to make the finals with our roster the way it is combined with injuries I think we have outperformed our potential though.

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