Broncos positivity thread


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Yeah and everyone wants to ship him off.
You don’t see a difference between a 26 year old who has played 172 games on a million dollars and a 19 year old who has played 17 and is on very little? A bloke who disappears when needed over a guy that tried to get his hands on the ball or tried to make tackles when necessary? If only Milford defended as well as you guys defend his laziness.


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You don’t see a difference between a 26 year old who has played 172 games on a million dollars and a 19 year old who has played 17 and is on very little? A bloke who disappears when needed over a guy that tried to get his hands on the ball or tried to make tackles when necessary? If only Milford defended as well as you guys defend his laziness.
All I did was answer the question why people might be dropping off dearden I didn’t defend milf.


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Well being at the bottom , it's positively all up from here . I'm thinking KW is the most positive thing this year and what he brings , and I agree with Foordy the fact our roster has indeed a lot of promise . I think a good pommie import or two or ex NRL players looking to come back to play here could be a real exciting prospect, if that's on, and I hope it is, on KW's radar also. He has been given the opportunity to rebuild everything from ground up and I believe he has the passion and capacity to do just that. Kevie knows shit from clay and his coaching style and staff may just put the confidence and belief back into some of these young blokes , and we may even see next year be a potential breakout season for a few blokes wanting to stamp their mark , on a rebuilt Broncos outfit. I was really excited after games 1&2 this season and Walters would have recognized that. He now needs to remind them that what whatever happened before stops now , and 2021 is the year of the Bronco . Get to training Kevie and flog the fitness into them . Hard graft is the only way forward , being competitive again and just building on the basics of a considered game plan . I believe we have the players to be excited about ,and the coach to put it into action . That's what I'm being positively excited about , and reading some great sledging from BHQ posters !!


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It wasn't just diabolical though, it was literally all time terrible, up there amongst the worst seasons by any club in recent history. The clubs who did have comparatively bad seasons like the Chargers and Magpies were actually booted from the competition in the aftermath of those seasons.

I honestly don't think that's losing perspective here, it's factually what occurred in raw numbers this year and if Walters can turn that around in just 12 months he honestly will have pulled off one of the modern coaching miracles of our time. I'd kill for that to be the case, I hope like hell it will be, but I don't think you can be hard up on people for having very serious reservations and doubts about how likely that is.
The Cambridge dictionary definition of diabolical is "extremely bad or shocking" and according to the Collins, to use this word is to emphasise just how bad things really are.
I think diabolical is an excellent word to describe our season, but the word we choose is really just semantics. Nobody is blind to how bad we were, everybody can see it, it's just that most folks can also look to 2021 with some positivity. And that doesn't mean genuine premiership contender because that just isn't realistic and I doubt anyone is thinking that, it just means there's something to look forward to.
Here's what should be an unarguable list;
  1. The worst coach in our history is gone
  2. The CEO that oversaw this shitshow is on his way out
  3. The coach that oversaw the halves last time Milf played like a $1m half is now our head coach
I think there's a lot more to look forward to next season but they are all matters of opinion, the 3 points above are surely no brainers that everyone can see?


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literally no-one ever said 2020 wasn't a bad season, it was by far the worst season ever from a Broncos POV, it was downright unbronco-like.

what i was taking exception to is being told i don't understand rugby league because i don't think like you do. you (and many others around here) seem to not only be the glass is completely empty, but also smashed into a million pieces kind of guys ... whereas i'm more your glass is half full person.

as for my understanding of rugby league (especially NRL era rugby league) there have been countless times when teams have had diabolical seasons only to be challenging for the top 8 (sometimes even the top 4) the following year. (sometimes even without making any major signings). of course, there are also the teams that back up diabolical seasons with diabolical seasons. only time will tell which category we fall into.

you seem to believe, we have zero chance of that we have zero chance of doing anything in 2021. i don't like it but i guess it is your right to think that way.

I on the other hand believe that our roster is nowhere near as bad as it is made out to be. a change in the coaching team, lead by a man that bleeds maroon and gold, a man that will be able to inspire his troops, and instils confidence and the right attitude, a man that knows what a winning Broncos culture looks and feels like. (and hopefully finds a way to cut down those damn injuries).

we will be competitive in 2021 ... just watch
I agree that our team is not as bad as the spoon indicated and has been made out. We were a laughingstock because many thought the team we have should be a contender. The coaching was disgusting and the culture at the club was obviously horrendous.

We have talent around the park. Our Forward pack can be a quality one if given the right instructions and training. Our spine can be very good with a tweek or two and some actual game plans.

So much of last year came down to terrible attitudes and frustration. The coach was offside and there was a fracture between different groups. Boyds mutinous influence and Siebs arrogance made that impossible to fix.

My number one positive is that Kev is a guy that can bring people together. Because he is a heart on his sleeve type bloke. If you have a coach like that it can fill you with a passion for the club, team mates and the game. Passion leads to enjoyment, enjoyment leads to confidence, confidence leads to creativity, creativity leads to playing good footy and winning games.

So my hope in short is Kev can squeeze the best out of the lads and bring a new mindset to the club. If he does that we will improve, by how much is to be found out.


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What odds for the Broncs to finish in the 8 and higher than the Roosters?

If they can find some character in defense and stop shooting themselves in the foot as a club then a return to the top 8 is likely, after all Pies had a brief stopover there enroute to that crash into the side of a mountain.

All of the moves from KW look promising so far. Not like he has been dealt pocket aces...but feels like he is playing a poor hand well and luck will balance out.

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