Broncos re-sign Fifita until end of 2020 NRL season

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    Brisbane Broncos rising star David Fifita has been likened to former Maroons star Ben Te'o, only with better ball skills, so it is no surprise his schoolboy coach insists he will play for Australia. can reveal the Broncos re-signed Fifita, who turns 18 this month, during the pre-season until the end of 2020, keeping him at the club through the crucial stages of his development.

    Fifita made his Broncos debut on Saturday night against CQ Capras in a trial, scoring a try and impressing with his one-handed offloads, involvement, mobility and game awareness.

    Broncos assistant coach Kurt Richards has played a key role in his progress and said that while Fifita still had a lot to learn, he would get more of a chance to develop in the Intrust Super Cup this year with Souths-Logan before being introduced into the NRL.

    "We don't want to throw him into the deep end too early," Richards told

    "We want him to play against men for a while first, get his opportunities and then grow from there. We don't want to throw him in against seasoned, hardened footballers when he is still learning the game.

    "David has some physical stuff to still work on with his body and when he is ready Wayne [Bennett] will give him his opportunity."

    The interest in Fifita has been considerable, and was heightened last year when commentator Andrew Voss gave the then Keebra Park High student the ultimate wrap.

    Voss, who writes a weekly column for, said in a Fox Sports column of Fifita: "I'm putting forward this young bloke as the best schoolboy forward I have ever seen in over 20 years of calling the [GIO Cup] competition." spoke to Fifita's Keebra Park High schoolboy coach Glen Campbell and the former long-time head of the school's rugby league program Greg Lenton about their former student.

    "David reminds me of Ben Te'o, who also came through our program," Lenton said.

    "He has got that rare ability to break the line, he's got good feet and for a big man he is quite quick.

    "Defensively he is good, he runs really good lines and he has great confidence in himself like Ben did."

    While in the emerging Queensland under 18s camp the QRL put together a video on Fifita where he said Campbell had been a key mentor in his development.

    Campbell coached Fifita from grade eight right through until he left school last year.

    "David has better ball skills than Ben Te'o, but they have the same running style and a very similar build," Campbell said.

    "He's always has a beautiful one-handed offload. I encouraged him to keep using it and it became better and better as time went on.

    "I hope they don't take it out of his game because he can bust the line and get his right hand free and offload either side of his body. It is a real asset."

    Campbell said Fifita "dominated whether it be schoolboys, the club system or state level schoolboy stuff".

    "He played Australian Schoolboys and was player of the tour for the team. It is very hard to handle a mobile 110 to 112kg back-rower when you are under 18," he said.

    "He is just a very gifted footballer and it is my prediction that he will play for Australia."

    Campbell said Fifita was "super dedicated", no exaggeration when you consider the four-hour round trip he made each day to attend school and develop his game.

    "Each day he would catch the train from Ipswich into Brisbane and then down to school at the Gold Coast, and back, and he barely missed a day. He did that for all his schooling with us from the age of 12," Campbell said.

    "That sort of dedication is just unheard of. David was a kid who knew what he wanted and he is now reaping the rewards."

    Fifita's manager, former Sydney Roosters centre Steve Deacon, said his client had benefited from being in the Broncos system.

    "We had plenty of interest, being the calibre of player he is, but he was only an under 17 kid at school when a lot of them are under 18," Deacon said.

    "David is still living at home, so for anyone that age to relocate is not a good thing.

    "He has gone from Mal Meninga Cup training straight into an NRL squad, which is a pretty big jump.

    "A lot of kids can get carried away with the accolades, but David is very respectful and thankful."

    Lenton said the stars may have aligned for Fifita to get an early opportunity.

    "Jai Arrow, who is now at the Titans, never got the run at it when he was at the Broncos because of the players who were around like Corey Parker," Lenton said.

    "I think that young Fifita, with the players around at the moment, will end up getting his chance."
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  2. I bleed Maroon

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    Happy to see him locked up. Looked to be very promising on the weekend
  3. theshed

    theshed NRL Player

    this is the most excitement I’ve had about some of our juniors in a long time. Even longer if you are only talking about forwards.
  4. Foordy


    also happy to see him locked up ... but i could have grabbed 17 blokes off the street and they would have beaten that Capras side
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  5. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    He was impressive non the less.
  6. Tstev92

    Tstev92 QCup Player

    Will be interesting in a year or two how they will get him into the side. I don’t wish it upon Glenn but 2019 his contract runs out and 2020 Fifita is 20 looking for a permanent run in top grade.

    Perhaps someone will offer Glenn ridiculous money which he deserves and makes it easier, he has always given the broncos his all
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  7. Thelmus


    It would be my guess that Glen might go, but you never know. Gillet might breakdown, or maguire might lose form with failing sight. Maybe a bloke like tpj goes off the deep end.
    You don't wish any of those things but they might happen. Just think of yowyeh or Reed.
    Or he falls short of his promise like so many others. Glen had stood the test of time with us and that's no mean feat in this era of cut throat professionalism, when an injury might see the end of career before it's started.
  8. broncos4life

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    Exaggeration and hyperbole never gets old.
  9. Sproj


    It is an exciting forward pack developing. I'm not sure Lodge will hang around, Thaiday is going, Glenn (as good as he is) is not getting any younger. If these kids have the right voices in their ears, they will see there are opportunities there over the next few seasons.

    8. Lodge -> Joffa
    9. Macca
    10. Sims -> Haas
    11. Glenn -> Fifita
    12. Gillett -> TPJ/Su'a
    13. McGuire -> TPJ/Carrigan

    14. Oates
    15. Thaiday -> Flegler
    16. Joffa -> Carrigan/TPJ
    17. TPJ ->Carrigan/Sims
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  10. Kyall

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    I have read Sims is close to re-signing.
  11. Sproj


    If that's the case, he'll enjoy his bench years or ISC if he doesn't become more consistent.
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  12. Kyall

    Kyall NRL Player

    He was more consistent than Blair and Thaiday.
  13. Sproj


    Yes and one of them is no longer at the club and one is on his last legs. Not really sure that's a positive for the guy?
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  14. winslow_wong

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    Please give him a shot if he's ready. He will dead set be offered big bucks and a first grade spot by other clubs
  15. PerthBrissy987

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    We prob have given him a nice upgrade
  16. Marty Deutschmann

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    Such a hate on Sims. I don't get it.. you clearly don't see his value because you're blinded by the hurt of his last name.
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  17. PerthBrissy987

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    Wouldnt be suprised if he left us to go upto the cowboys
  18. Sproj


    I see his value, I see his upside too but I also see his lack of consistency and also see his pay packet and cannot reconcile the two in terms of what he is Canning able of and then what he normally produces.
  19. Morkel


    His pay packet for last year was **** all. Let’s judge this year’s dollars on this year’s performance.
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  20. mitch222

    mitch222 NRL Captain

    Didnt we pay him like 85k last year
    Pretty sure we got more value at 85k than any other club in the NRL got out of another player on that money

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