Broncos re-sign Mead for another season

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by NImitz, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. NImitz

    NImitz U18 Player

    BRONCOS flyer David Mead has signed on with Brisbane for another year, despite interest from Super Leage club Warrington.
    The Broncos announced the re-signing of Mead for another season on Friday morning, with the winger to be at Red Hill until the end of 2018.
    Mead, who will start in Friday night's clash against the Rabbitohs in what will be his 150th NRL match, was being chased by Warrington but revealed last week he wanted to stay in Brisbane to win a premiership.
    "I want to stay and I'm hoping the Broncos want to keep me," Mead said.
    "My family likes Brisbane and I really enjoy the culture of the club.
    "Winning a premiership is the first thing on my mind and the Broncos give me the best chance of that."
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  2. Number6

    Number6 QCup Player

    Great news for us. Hopefully not too much coin for quality winger. Only issue is if Pearson really develops. But why would he stay the way he has been (mis) used? Need to find him a spot and teach how to position Oates as a centre (prefer Kahu but don't think he could stay healthy for more than 15 minutes as centre - could swap them at times in attack and put mead and Roberts on same side).
  3. KnToad

    KnToad QCup Player

    Hopefully this is a sign that he will become a permanent part of the team.
  4. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    One good game against an underprepared and disinterested Rooster side and everybody wants him as a regular. Even Moga rushed for 200+ metres in that match. If Mead struggles tonight, everyone will think he's a bum such is the fickleness of some fans.
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  5. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Player

    @Accept , did Mead do something to your cat/dog/gf?

    You never miss a chance to talk him down/down play him.

    just curious bro lol
  6. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    I'm not downplaying him at all but I am a realist. He was signed on for a 100k which has been upgraded to 150k for next year which indicates that he signed on for depth= second stringer. To think that he is going to be a regular member of the backline suggests that some fans don't rate our backs very highly. He is still behind Kahu and Oates and has Pearson breathing down his neck. I hope he excels, I really do but atm he is just an aging reserve winger.
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  7. Renegade

    Renegade NRL Player

    Tbh I dont know if I rate Pearson that highly, he's done ok in his time in FG but it's not as if he came in and set the place alight - arguably Mead has played better in Broncos colours than Pearson has.

    Mead is an experienced and seasoned winger, knows his way to line (even if most of his tries came in the first half of his career), knows how to defend (titans), is cheap and wants to play for Brisbane. I think we're actually getting a great deal, he is everything you want in a winger at half the price.
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  8. meady

    meady QCup Player

    he signed on for the 2017 season for a fair bit more than 100k
  9. Locky888

    Locky888 BRL Player

    good depth player
  10. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon NRL Captain

    Just a gut feeling but Moga should consider this a shot across the bow
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  11. Morkel


    He did, did he?

  12. meady

    meady QCup Player


    Anyway brb few hours
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  13. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    It's still the cooling off period right? Can the club backflip?
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  14. _noosh

    _noosh NYC Player

    I'm not sure if @meady will come back after that..

    To be fair, Mead is a far better player than what he showed there tonight, but that performance is going to cost him dearly.
    He pretty much undid all his good performances. I wonder if he still gets prioritisation over Pearson now.

    I'd say if Moga gives us a few more poor performances, we'd probs keep Kahu on wing and bring in Opacic.
  15. Foordy


    So Mead only needs one poor performance to be banished but half a dozen poor performances isn't enough to get Moga banished ... please
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  16. _noosh

    _noosh NYC Player

    Completely different scenarios.
    We've got plenty of wingers. Meads not starting.
    Moga gets to stay because we had no solid replacement. Remember Opacic only just returned from injury.

    Mead still is pretty good though, but considering that we're happy with Kahu and Oates for the moment, Meads only filling in.
  17. Foordy


    we have several options for centers ... every one of them better than Moga
  18. _noosh

    _noosh NYC Player

    Opacic probably is. But only just returned from injury..
    Who else are you suggesting? Moses Pangai? Early reports seemed like he's only a second string centre. An inferior version of Moga.
    Kahu to centre? His lack of size next to Milford is a massive liability despite what he'd be able to provide us in attack.
    One of the young'uns? Are they ready for 1st grade yet?

    Moga has been pretty poor overall, but we have no clear pick to replace him. Which is why he's snuck into our line-up repeatedly.
  19. Foordy


    Kahu would be our best option ... Opacic next best ... just to start
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  20. _noosh

    _noosh NYC Player

    And Opacic has only just returned from injury. Which I mentioned in the last 2 posts. Which you ignored...

    Kahu would be a great centre in attack, but every team now knows to send a big body at milford's shoulder. Do you honestly believe Kahu would be able to stop that? Even with good technique, he lacks the size. Not to mention he tends to be more injury prone in that position..

    Edit: I was originally keen on Kahu filling that centre spot at the start of the season, but it's completely obvious that having him there next to Milford will create far more problems than it could solve.
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