Broncos Roster, Signings and Rumours Discussion 2021


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Yeah I have an awful feeling that this is exactly what is happening. Smith will play on, but he still wants the cash. His last signing he really was in a position to take less money knowing there are juniors coming through that the Storm needed to retain, while also knowing he has a big post-playing career (and also has pocketed millions in legit and not-so-legit wages over his playing career). He will want big money, while the NRL will want him on the Gold Coast, just like they did Hayne. Again, like last contract, Smith will use us as a means to pump up his value, knowing the NRL and Titans will do whatever they can to secure him.

The NRL has already allowed players to "walk away" from their contracts, something that was never actually seen before. Previously, if a player had a contract, and wanted to go elsewhere for less, the incumbent club had to fork out the difference. You couldn't just agree to part ways. And yet the NRL let the Titans do just that with Shannon Boyd and Bryce Cartwright, allowing them to clear out their cap. It has only happened once or twice previously, and guess when it first started? Hayne. Leaving the Titans for less money at the Eels, with the Titans not having to burden their cap one cent. Tin foil hats, team. Get on it.
This is well beyond tin foil hats my friend, it’s a given at this point. They’ve already shown that they will literally bail them out of financial ruin. If they get smith it just shows that they don’t give a shit what people perceive as fair or not and with V’landys at the helm she’ll only get worse.

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I hope we see a caricature cartoon of V'landys as a puppet master with Smith and the NSWRL on the end of the strings


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I have no doubt that the NRL are pumping up the titans just like they did the Storm, but surely if Smith plays on it is with Melbourne. He's to precious about his legacy, that's why he ditched QLD.

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here is a great pub quiz question 10 years from now;

Question; when was the last time the Brisbane Broncos had 1 representative in a Origin game and they wore a NSW jersey?

Answer; Game 3 2020


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We need Bennett back. Look at how these guys respond to him. What a fucking bullshit decision that was. Half of the QLD team would come play for him for a handshake and a meat pie after this.

No one other than Seibold and White will argue that wasn't the stupidest decision in the history of rugby league...well V'landys appointment is up there.


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Absolutely, no doubt whatsoever in my mind. I loved what I saw. Yes he dropped it twice but he also never stopped trying and that pass to Holmes who dropped it was an absolute gem, deserved a try.
Yeah I completely agree was at the game and he was impressive... offensively he was outstanding and apart from the 2 silly errors he was the general of our defence created plenty of opportunities and kept running hard


Return of the Mac
He seemed nervous, had a much better second half except for the sinbinning. Still want him but only because our other options are terrible.
The sin bin was the right decision every day of the week. JAC scores if he doesn’t do what he did. I would much rather take my odds that they won’t give a penalty try in that scenario than giving Josh the chance to take the decision out of the video refs hands.

That split second decision may have won us the series.

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