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Painin the Haas

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Nov 10, 2013
Yeah Addo-Carr who supposedly has family up here. Incredibly unlikely, especially since it seems like he could stay in Melbourne for another year since the only club putting any decent offers are the Tigers.

I called for Alvaro and Blacker. Both former Broncos, Blacker came through the same team as Haas, Carrigan and Flegler but was whisked away by a better offer from the Dragons. If Hook is still after Ofahengaue, I wouldn't be against trading for him, he's ready for first grade and the Broncos need to sort their rotation out. Alvaro is just the type of prop forward the club needs, a Bryce Gibbs style defensive player who can help shore up the ruck. Thought he made a nice difference for the Warriors when he went over there as well.

McGrady is one player I'd be keen to get a closer look at. Came through the Tweed Heads system before him and his brother both got signed by Penrith. Scored a few good tries in the NSW Cup and was looking like a top prospect before a serious injury ended his season prematurely. He spent the majority of the season recovering from it and couldn't break into that Panthers line-up. At a 198cm and his try scoring record, he's one of those blue chip prospects I'd be enquiring about.

Of the Queensland Cup players, I'd be keen to give BJ Aufaga-Toomaga another train and trial deal. He came through the Sharks system as a centre and was one of the better-attacking players in the NYC before actually standing out for the Capras alongside Pene who just made his debut for Melbourne not that long ago. He's currently signed with the Dolphins who are now a Warriors affiliate, but I'm not sure if the Broncos arranged that or not.

Alvaro would be a great edition, young but also has enough experience in first grade to really contribute. Mcgrady would be interesting prospect, worth a development contract at least


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Jan 14, 2015
What are some of the names that have been tossed around?

Corey Allan
Dane Gagai
Aiden Tolman
Dean Whare
Josh Mansour
Brent Naden
Nixon Putt
Jaydn Su'A
Kurt Capewell
Delouise Hoeter
Marion Seve
Kurtis Rowe
John Asiata
Harry Grant
Cameron Smith
Brendon Smith
Jordan Grant

Who else?
Delouise Hoeter
Team P W L PD Pts
14 12 2 294 24
14 12 2 285 24
14 11 3 176 22
13 10 3 59 22
13 9 4 148 20
13 7 6 33 16
13 6 7 -119 14
14 6 8 -13 12
13 5 8 -46 12
13 5 8 -64 12
13 5 8 -66 12
14 5 9 -62 10
14 5 9 -82 10
14 5 9 -135 10
14 3 11 -204 6
13 2 11 -204 6

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