Cameron Smith to retire from Rep Footy - Immediately

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2018' started by Unbreakable, May 15, 2018.

  1. Sproj


    While the timing could be taken as poor, you could definitely read into it that he has tried to shield his replacement as long as possible and probably told Kevvie quite a while ago, maybe even last year floated as a possibility, hence Macca being bought into camp.
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  2. MrTickyM

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    What difference does it make 3 weeks out, 3 months out or a year out? It’s not like they could have scoured all of Queensland looking for the best hooker to replace smith. The conversation still would have centred around McCullough, Granville and Friend and would still have come down to form. Do they do an off-season Origin camp that has been missed? Talk about an overreaction on here!
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  3. Kevvie certainly makes it sound like that Smith hasn't had any conversations with him about the possibility of retiring prior to being told by Smith last week.
  4. Dexter



    They may not go with a genuine 9, they could have possibly played with some different ideas around a seven playing hooker but if they had more time Kevvie could have put more thought into who to replace him with whoever best suits QLD. Also could have let the next potential goal kicker have a bit of a heads up.
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  5. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    Massive soft ****. **** you Smithy. Drop out of the side three weeks out? Get fucked. I hope you get binned, suspended, and punched in the cods every week for the rest of your career. ****.
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  6. Number6

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    For me if fatigue and age effects wearing in why does Cam Smith have to play 80 in origin or in club land. Origin wise we get a supersub who can play hooker I.e Hunt. Club wise they have Brandon Smith. Smart play was always going to be manage his longevity and the transition to new options. Unfortunately he is probably all or nothing about playing.

    He’s a qld legend for whatever else you want to say. But very disappointing he pulled out 3 weeks before. It does change how you prep and gear up the alternatives as I imagine they were all assuming no hope for origin this year. Also if coach didn’t know changes entire game plan. But at end of day he’s earned the right to choose his time. Wouldn’t mind a 3rd game call if needed however.
  7. Morkel


    Walters was saying that he had an indication in recent strategy spitball sessions that Smith didn’t have as much hunger or passion this time around. Point being that 60 minutes or 80 minutes, his heart isn’t in it any more.
  8. Dexter


    He's headed in another direction

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  9. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Cam Smith told good friend Kevin Proctor on the weekend that he would be quitting rep football.

    Proctor thought he was pulling his leg.
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  10. That's not how the story goes.

    Smith had been tossing up retiring for a while, but couldn't come to a decision. After speaking to an ex-teammate on Saturday night he decided to let it come down to chance, settling it over a wishbone.
  11. ...and days and days and days and days

    and days.
  12. This ♤
    I'm 99% certain KW knew this was highly likely having had talks with Smithy previously. KW would have had his eye on the other hookers available and been prepared. Smith has spilled enough blood for us and it's okay with me on the timing. If I was really clever I'd know all about the private conversations had but sadly I'm not privy to that info. I'll get angry about important stuff instead.
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  13. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    I think a few people had started to have an idea. Kevvie met with the senior Storm/Qld guys at the Sofitel Sunday morning to talk Origin before they left for Melbourne and Smith pulled him aside then.
  14. OXY-351

    OXY-351 NRL Player

    Ok, maybe the term "everyone" was over the top, but I still think he would have copped backlash for it no matter when he announced it.

    And while it's only been publicly announced now, it sounds like Walters had pre-warning this was likely to be the case, either through direct conversations or picking up a few hints along the way. Both Walters and Meninga said they could see a change in Smith in recent rep camps and matches. Surely Walters was already making plans that Smith might not be there. It doesn't sound like Smith just rang him on Tuesday and said, "Hey Kevvie, how good is McCullough playing these days?".

    I think the Thurston and Cronk situation is slightly different. Hadn't they already made their mind up before last years series? It sounds like Smith was unsure. He wanted to give himself as much time as possible, but ultimately knew he wasn't up for it now. I'd prefer him to have done that and possibly played in another series, than just pull the pin when he wasn't sure.

    Sure it's not great timing, but what's the alternative? He plays again this series, has a stinker and lets the team down? Personally I feel that even Smith playing slightly below his best is still better than any other option QLD has got at the moment, but I can see why he'd call it a day if he thought he couldn't put in 100% for the team.

    At the end of the day, I'm wondering if it really matters when he'd announced it. He could have announced it last year or he could have announced it this week. The problem is still the same. QLD need to find another hooker. Would there be any more candidates for the position, depending on when he announced it? Would any of them be in better form? It was always going to be an issue replacing Smith, whether you gave a year or 3 weeks to do it.
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  15. winslow_wong

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    On the flip side how perfect is the timing for brad fittler to step in as nsw coach. He could very well start a dynasty of his own and be hailed as the blues saviour
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  16. I feared we would lose the big 3 the way we have.

    I wanted Cronk to stick around for one more series after JT retired to help our next generation of halves make the transition and Smith to stick around for the series after Cronk retired and help the next generation of hookers make the transition.

    But unfortunately, that's not going to happen and I can see NSW going on a run for the next few years.

    Hopefully QLD can pull a '95 and get up and beat NSW, but I can't see it happening.
  17. I seem to recall a time where if you played NRL and were eligible for rep teams, you had to play if chosen

    "Retiring" just from rep footy simply wasn't something you could do

    It seems quite common now so I guess it must be OK to do but I don't recall a change to the rules

    I remember vaguely a stink about this when Jamie Lyon tried to not play when picked or something like that?

    Perhaps he was the trigger for a rule change?
  18. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    I think retiring from it was always fine, which is what Jamie Lyon did. You couldn't pick and choose which games you would play and which you wouldn't. You were either available for selection or retired for good.
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  19. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Yeah there were players who retired even before Lyon. Webcke for example.
  20. Morkel


    I think it was okay to retire after many years of service and effectively just to give a season or two to your club rep-free. Lyon was just a soft POS that admitted he didn't want to play Origin because of the expectations of NSW fans. He hadn't paid his dues, which is why they sought to stand him down from club duties when Origin players were out. IIRC he ended up playing Origin one year and then after that the selectors just decided if he didn't want to be there he didn't deserve rep honours.

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