OFFICIAL Carrigan signs until 2028

Champion lock forward Pat Carrigan will be a Bronco until at least the end of the 2028 season. The Wally Lewis Medal winner for Queensland's player of the series in last year's Origin triumph was already signed with the Broncos to the end 2024 - and he has now committed to a four-year extension in a huge show of faith in the club.

The 25-year-old's stellar form last season also saw him make his Kangaroos debut and go on to win the World Cup in England, his 2022 heroics all the more remarkable considering he was returning from a knee reconstruction that required a gruelling nine-month rehabilitation. During his breakout 2022 season, Carrigan averaged a huge 150 running metres (61 of those post-contact) and 32 tackles per game, as well as 21 tackle breaks and 19 offloads. A key member of Brisbane's Leadership Group and graduate of the Broncos Academy, Carrigan joins a host of teammates to commit to the club long-term.

Kev Walters:

"This is a great day for the Broncos because Pat embodies what we are about as a club and he is at the heart of what we are building here together. He has grown as a player through our club's Academy system, going on to captain our NYC team before graduating to the NRL squad and building into the player that he is today - and the impressive thing is that all he wants to do is continue to improve. We were all incredibly proud of what Pat achieved last year because we all saw how hard he worked to come back from serious injury, it was an inspiration to all of us here at the Broncos. He is a key part of everything we do and to have him commit to the Broncos for another four years is really special - I'm really excited for what lies ahead for both Pat and for everyone at our club.”​


"I love this club and I could never imagine leaving - we are building something special here together and I wanted to make a long-term commitment to be a part of that. A lot of us guys have been through the tough times together and now we are starting to show signs of what we can do if we work hard and work for each other. I'm here for the long haul and I'm excited about what we can achieve together over the years ahead.”​
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Incredible retention, and for a nice long deal too. Well done
@Wolfie you might need to have a word to your reliable source.
Wolfie saw a hand written note that said “Carrigan new brisbane contract” and thought “oh no, Carrigan to new brisbane team!” It’s all good Wolfie. We can’t all have top tier info like Herbie to Dolphins 2 months before it came out.
This is some good news. Carrigan is just getting better and better each week.

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