-NEWS- Chris Johns: bring Kevvie onto the bench


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Decorated Rugby League hero Kevin Walters offers to bail out his former State of Origin assistant coach:

“If the Broncos wanted some help, I would be more than happy to do it. Of course I would be there for the club. I love the Broncos, I gave my heart and soul to the club and I was always grateful for the opportunity to play at such a wonderful club and the memories I’ve had there. If Anthony wants me, 100 per cent I will help out. I have no issue at all with Anthony. He was an excellent assistant for me in the Origin arena in 2016-17 so working with him again would not an issue for me.”

“I had a great working relationship with Anthony Milford but I have a good rapport with all my players and I work hard at those connections. I believe I have an ability to form connections with all my players and that’s what coaching is about. The thing Wayne Bennett and Craig Bellamy taught me is that coaching is all about connecting with people."

Chris Johns not only agrees but insists Kevvie sets his alarm for 4:30 am on Monday morning:

“The Broncos culture is a mess. There is only one bloke who can fix it is Kevin Walters. If Anthony Seibold wants to save his job, he should eat humble pie and approach Kevvie. If Seibold wants someone who understands the DNA of the Broncos, he should call Kevvie today and bring him on board. The fact the Broncos are in the bottom two is a disgrace. I can’t believe they were towelled up by the Titans, I’ve never seen a Brisbane team in such a bad state."

“Seibold has a team of no-name assistants (in Peter Gentle and video analyst Demas Wong). The poor bugger needs help. He should put his ego in his back pocket and talk to Kevvie. Trent Robinson at the Roosters had Adam O’Brien last year and now has Craig Fitzgibbon. Wayne Bennett has Jason Demetriou as his right-hand man. All the best NRL coaches have quality assistants and Seibold needs Kevvie.”

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Mate i love your reports and the unpaid work you put in, I also think your humour is such a welcome relief around here especially at this moment in time, but adding that ancient ad. serves no purpose whatsoever.

I do wish you'd delete it.

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If Kevvie is happy to come back and help, by all means the club should approach him.

He's a great assistant coach. He's not fit to be a head coach, but he'll always be a great assistant. Much like Neil Henry.


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Yeah get him in there ready to go for when we finally ditch Seibs......or at least 'promote' Seibs to the 'special' office which doesn't happen to be anywhere near the football department.
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Won't happen. Seibold will never allow it. If they started to play good, everyone will know it was Walters that got them out of trouble.


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Or pull a Gould and become the GM of Football - and basically order the head coach around. Be a coach, without publically being one. Might be a way to save face and not breach Harvard's contract.


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A real test of Seibolds ego here.

Nice to have some good positive news come our way too for a change
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