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Darius Boyd ‘has captained his last game’: Heads to roll at Broncos after Bankwest humiliation

Brisbane is reportedly looking for a new captain after reports veteran Darius Boyd will step down from the role immediately.
With the club left embarrassed in the biggest finals beating ever seen in the NRL during Sunday’s loss to Parramatta, reports claim Boyd has already captained the club for the final time.

The former Queensland star has reportedly already been given the hard word by Broncos officials regarding his long-term contract through to the end of the 2021 season.

The out-of-form five-eighth has already declared publicly he has no intent to leave the club before his contract expires, flying in the face of reports the club wants to move him (and his reported $800,000-per-season salary) on.

The uncomfortable situation has now resulted in the club looking for a new captain, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The report claims Boyd has “almost certainly captained the club for the last time”.

Veteran Broncos chief executive Paul White, who famously chased Craig Bellamy to coach the club before the extraordinary furore surrounding Anthony Seibold’s move from South Sydney, is also tipped to stand down.

Meanwhile, Broncos legend and board member Darren Lockyer recently identified star forward Matt Gillett as the man to replace Boyd.

“(Boyd) is signed for this year and next year,” Lockyer told Fairfax Media.

“Going to the frontline is where he will stay. What he wants to do beyond that, no one really knows.

“If Darius wasn’t there past next year, Matt Gillett’s probably the next in line (as captain).”

The news around Boyd and White comes after Seibold on Sunday promised to undertake a top-to-toe review after suffering their worst ever NRL loss in their embarrassing 58-0 flogging to Parramatta.

As the Broncos tumbled out of the finals at Bankwest Stadium on Sunday afternoon, so did a host of unwanted records for the six-time premiers. The result was not only the biggest loss in finals history — eclipsing Newtown’s 55-7 defeat of St George in 1944 — it was also the proud club’s worst ever defeat, shading their 56-0 loss to Canberra in 2009.

The club’s premiership drought is now in its 13th year, the longest in their 31-year history.

Asked about his post-game message to his players, Broncos coach Seibold said: “See ya Wednesday morning,” in what was a reference to their upcoming player reviews.

Seibold refused to mince his words, promising to take the blame for the loss.

“I’m just really disappointed, embarrassed,” Seibold said.

“I can’t toss up any excuses, I’ll wear it. I’m the coach of the club so I’ll take responsibility.

“It’s also my job to fix that. I’ll have a good look at things because in big games, that’s where the Broncos are at at the moment.”

Club legend and Queensland coach Kevin Walters said the loss to the Eels was “humiliating”.

“Very humiliating to be honest with you. It’s just disappointing for everyone who supports the Broncos,” Walters told Sky Sports Radio.

He also said the club has to make some tough decisions because they seem unlikely to improve with their current spine, which includes Boyd in the halves and Anthony Milford at fullback.

“I think it’s unfair for guys like David Fifita and Payne Haas to be carrying this club,” he said.

“That’s what’s happened in the last month of football. They’ve essentially picked the whole team up and dragged them over the line. It’s unfair to put that expectation on these kids.

“They’ve got to have a good look at themselves from the top down to see how they get better Is there any room in their cap to shuffle some players around?”

He said Milford’s move to the back was the wrong one.

“He’s a five-eighth every day of the week for mine,” he said.

“For them to pull him out, that was the start of their downfall.”

Source: Fox Sports


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I'd be giving Milf a chance at the captaincy but only at 5/8th. He has played ~170 NRL games now and he is our main man for better or worse, he is also on the field for the full 80 which call me old school but i believe helps as captain.

Its a bit of a sink or swim moment for him as well, show that he wants to be here and is willing to earn his wage with the responsibility of guiding the team around without the choice of being able to step back and let someone else.


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Lodge, or possibly Glen. My preference would be to buy one though. Someone who cares.


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I would lose it if Milf is named captain. The guy is everything a Broncos captain should never be. Half arsed, disinterested, not top tier. He's not captain material and is endemic of the attitude the team plays with.

Glenn, Lodge, Gillett are the only captain material in our squad.

Haas should be our next captain in 2021-2022, he's everything a Broncos player should aspire to be, he's a supreme talent with supreme work ethic.
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I would lose it if Milf is named captain. The guy is everything a Broncos captain should never be. Half arsed, disinterested, not top tier. He's not captain material and is endemic of the attitude the team plays with.
Fair enough, i get that point of view. Maybe i just really want Milf to succeed as a Bronco given what he has produced in previous seasons and think the captaincy might spark that consistently.

I'd personally be celebrating anyone other than Boyd like most fans!


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North Brisbane
Bird, Lodge, or Carrigan are the only choices imo. You need a bloke who’s starting (Carrigan should be after an off season, he’s better than Offa), has a strong character, and isn’t dumb as lamp post.


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Milford is a million dollar, experienced, clean skin, marketable half. Ideally there really shouldn’t be much discussion as to who gets it, but unfortunately there’s big question marks even over him.


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Welcomed news.
Now we just need Darius to retire as a player, along with a few others in this current roster.


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Milford’s not a leader of the team
We need a leader not just the best player on the team to get the job. Ideally you want an 80 minute leader but if we don’t have one then it has to be a forward


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The problem with appointing Gillett or Glenn is that they've both come off recent seasons where they've only just held on to their starting spots in the side. Gillett in particular isn't looking like he'll be around in 2-3 years time.

I'd be nervous about them winding up in a situation like Boyd where they have to continue to be picked because they're the Captain but not necessarily the best in their position.

Nepal Donkeys

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Can white just not step aside from the football department? All reports he’s a gun on the other side of the business.
Broncos Limited would run itself if the football department is successful.

We honestly should have a CEO and a director of football. Director of Football answers to the Board rather than the CEO.

It's a listed company and a football club. The duties should be separated. You can't be the CEO of an ASX company and running the football club - they're two completely different roles.

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