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Dave Donaghy Named New Broncos CEO​
Wed 3 Feb 2021, 09:02 PM

The Brisbane Broncos have announced Dave Donaghy as the Club’s new Chief Executive Officer.

The appointment was formalised today by an announcement through the Australian Stock Exchange by the Broncos Board, led by Chairman Karl Morris.

“Mr Donaghy is an accomplished and experienced executive with over a decade of service in senior management roles in the National Rugby League (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL),” the announcement read.

“He has excelled at leading high-performance teams and organisations and developing and fostering strong organisational culture.

“Mr Donaghy has extensive experience in commercial, risk, and venue management, communications and media, governance, strategy, stakeholder engagement and government relations.”

Originally from Gladstone in central Queensland, Mr Donaghy began his career as a journalist for Australian Associated Press and the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne, prior to holding senior and executive positions at the Brisbane Lions and Melbourne Storm.

Mr Donaghy most recently held the role of Melbourne Storm CEO from 2015 to the end of the 2020 season.

The Brisbane Broncos Board today also announced that a mutual agreement had been reached with current CEO Paul White that will see him finish his decade-long tenure in the role on February 28.

“Mr White’s exceptional commitment to and investment in the Broncos during his period as CEO is to be commended,” the announcement read.

“Under his leadership, the organisation has achieved substantial commercial growth and expansion. Mr White was instrumental in the establishment of the Brisbane Broncos’ extensive community footprint - implementing various government funded Indigenous programs that have a life changing impact on thousands of students.

“He has overseen the construction and relocation of the entire business to the Clive Berghofer Centre and had a pivotal role in the establishment of the NRLW competition of which the Brisbane Broncos have won three consecutive premierships. Also during Mr White’s tenure, the Brisbane Broncos NRL team were 2015 Grand Finalists.

“Mr White has led the organisation and its people with energy, sincerity and dedication and leaves the business in a strong position for future growth and success.

“The Board sincerely thank Mr White for his service and substantial contribution to the Brisbane Broncos and wish him every success for the next chapter in his career.”

Mr Donaghy’s commencement date as CEO will be advised in due course.

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Cool so rock bottom is still miles away then... let's bring a talking head in who has no idea about football and get her to pick the next coach... reeks of Peter Beattie all over again .

I suppose this board does love a good PowerPoint 🙄🙄
It will work if they bring in a strong football manager like Frank Ponnisi or Peter Parr to handle the football side of things.


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As long as she is nowhere near the football side and brings in an experienced football manager I couldn't give a ****. The less we hear from a CEO the better.


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**** politicians. They're all a bunch of liars and shit cunts.
I'm glad you were restrained there Nashy Nashy, no telling what you might have said if you were raging. :rofl

I worked indirectly with Kim Beazley for two weeks and he struck me as the brightest most honest guy I ever had the pleasure of meeting. A lot of people still say he was the best PM we never had. Also, I rate Paul Keating or as they loved to call him in the UK 'The Lizard of Oz' just because he dared to put a guiding arm on the Queen. He had and still does have a firm grasp of what equitable means.

So I'd say perhaps 90% of them are a pack of snout snorting, gravy train, megalomaniacs, but a few of them are genuine souls with the humanity to match.

Shane Tronc

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Haha this forum is going to melt down if Jones gets the gig. I don’t mind Jones for the role. Labor had to undergo a massive rebuild after Bligh and Jones would’ve been part of that. Her experience as minister for tourism and major events is valuable too. There’s no doubting that we need a really solid gm of football as well though. The CEO shouldn’t really have much to do with the football department.


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If we're going with her as a CEO we better have a real head of football to actually lead the club.

We can't have some nobody try to rebuild a football club, we need genuine football knowledge. Maybe we can steal Frank Ponissi from Melbourne. She can manage the business side, and a GM for the football side.


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Why does she have no idea about football?
Because she probably has no idea how to run a successful football club, she may watch rugby league but what are her credentials in the game?

We need someone with genuine in/out knowledge of football club operations, she doesn't have to be that person, as long as she hires someone to take care of that. We saw how well it goes when a CEO tries to do it all like Paul White, they just end up fucking the club over.


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If we're going with her as a CEO we better have a real head of football to actually lead the club.

We can't have some nobody try to rebuild a football club, we need genuine football knowledge. Maybe we can steal Frank Ponissi from Melbourne. She can manage the business side, and a GM for the football side.

And isn't that the point? To have someone competent to lead the club's business, and another to head football.

And in any case, as you suggest, and as a successful CEO once told me, the secret to success for any leader is to surround yourself with experts in the areas which need them.
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