FOOTBALL English Premier League 23/24 Discussion

That penalty for Newcastle in this early game....

These refs/VAR. First game back, headlines. 🤝
I don't know how United expect to break through this Brentford defence when the build up is too slow and predictable.

Rashford, Garnacho and Bruno have been wasteful.
How did Toney miss that?

That was the warning for United. Brentford all over them.
Woeful first half. No intent, no drive, just garbage.

HT changes probably needed.
Jesus that was an absolute trash first half. It's a miracle we're not down at half time.

United haven't turned up. If I was Ten Hag I would be hooking Rashford. He's been rubbish.

I don't see a result here, not with the way we're playing.
Only change is Maguire for Varane. Oh boy. Varane apparently injured again for something different
Only change is Maguire for Varane. Oh boy. Varane apparently injured again for something different

Jeez when is this guy not injured?

I would be looking to offload him in the next window and bring in someone else.
Antony on but for Garnacho and not Rashford.

How is Rashford still on that pitch?
That's Lindelof's hamstring by the looks of it.

Don't tell me we've got another injury to deal with.
**** that was close.

United got lucky there, but it's just a matter of time until Toney scores.
Bahaha you could see that coming a mile away.
We didn't deserve a win and we definitely don't deserve a draw.

Brentford hit the post that many times.
Score a 97th min goal, look like you'll scrape the most undeserved win in years, and fucking concede a minute later.

Absolute fucking jokers the lot of them
I feel sick with anger. What trashbags man
We didn't even deserve a draw.

Brentford should have put 5 goals on us. We were absolutely dreadful. So wasteful with the ball.

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