FOOTBALL English Premier League 23/24 Discussion

Another deflection.. this is just fucking cruel
What is this game. Darwin has just given us a goal basically. 3-3. Cmon United
How the **** Rashford didn't end this game before extra time...

Last season he nails that and we're off to Wembley.
Amad red card for taking his shirt off to go with the madness of that game.

I need sleep badly, but Mainoo and the subs of Antony, Maguire and Amad were absolutely incredible.

Players playing all put of position everywhere as we went for it in normal time. Thats huge.

**** I hope we kick on with the season now.

I'll say it too, we deserved it. We missed some unreal chances.
I've seen some pretty good derby games in my time, this one has got to be up there.

It was chaos and just came down to who wanted it more.
And we've drawn Coventry to end the night, that's class.

They deserved to beat us. I thought we might struggle seeing as pretty much every single attacking player we have is injured now, but i wasnt expecting such a poor display on top of it. O'Neill got it badly wrong tbf with his team selection.
I've seen some pretty good derby games in my time, this one has got to be up there.

It was chaos and just came down to who wanted it more.
Didn't watch it live but caught a replay yesterday.

Entertaining game, lacked quality for large parts but in the end United deserved the win. Looked like a game too many for a few of our guys, fatigue was very evident but there's no excuses, we simply didn't want it enough and didn't take our chances. These sort of upsets are the magic of the FA cup.

Overall not too phased as it's a few games less we have to play now and can focus on the break and getting players fit again. The quad was never realistic and any LFC fan who thought it was doesn't appreciate how thin our squad is right now.

Hopefully United get to Wembley, I wouldn't mind seeing them get there and extend Ten Hag's contract - in reality though I think they probably have already played their final. Congrats on the big win.
Quality from the Mirror as always

Tbh, i think fees will come down with all the FFP and PSR clampdowns, we arent going to see the like of Fernandez and Caicedo go for 100 million based on one good season. Both have shown they are pretty ordinary and Chelsea have kind of inflated the market.

For us, i dont see us selling the likes of Neto and Gomes unless we get around 60 million for each. Rayan Ait Nouri is another who i think is going to leave for big money. Liverpool and Citeh been looking at him for a long time now.
The best part about Mirror articles like the one about Gomes is the comments.


Just say you don't watch football, it's less embarrassing.
Watched the England vs Belgium friendly, mainly to watch Mainoo.

The kid was one of the best players on the field, he was impressive. Passed well, good control, won back possession and drove England forward on numerous occasions and instigated the move that allowed Toney to win a penalty. He's only young but surely Southgate has to take him to Euros.

United need to do whatever they can to keep him there for life.

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