Farah "Smith isn't better than me"

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Big Pete, Jul 3, 2014.

    So am I to be fair....

  1. ivanhungryjak

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    Just on Farah, I've been loving the replays of DCE's try where he runs around Farah and leaves him grasping at air.
  2. Sooooo you're saying that Farah is an all time great also? You're off your head.
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  3. jarro65

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    There is no way in the world that Farah can even claim to be as good as Smith.

    Robbie sounds like an arrogant prick for even claiming to be.
  4. Pretty sure Broncoman didn't intend to write Farrah being better than Smith...I just think he forgot to read what he'd written before posting.
  5. Either that or he's thinking of a different Cameron Smith...
  6. Bman was confused and simply got caught up in the hysteria of NSW winning their first series in 9 yrs.
  7. Cult3

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    I actually have three friends named Cameron Smith. From what I remember Farah is at least better than 1 of them at rugby league.
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  8. You guys have got to lighten up on the kid. :laugh: As somebody who specialises in late night caffeine induced waffle, Bman basically meant that Smith is an all-time great but his form isn't superior to Farah's at the moment which is a fair call.

    Smith's form has been down a bit in 2014.

    Farah has been a key proponent in the Tiger's surprisingly good 2014.
  9. I've had this discussion at length before, I think Farah is a close second to
    Smith but Smith has been outstanding for like 10 years straight and played in every dominant team of the last decade and that more or less places him as one of the best ever to play the game, Farah hasn't had that luxury and I don't think Ennis playing ahead of him was an indication of his bad form but stupid NSW selectors who were picking him because of the niggle which definitely backfired because Ennis got shown up, at that level you need to pick the best players, the whole "origin player" argument which got Ennis selected is rubbish, not many of the QLD players are what you'd classify as "nigglers" but just damn good players.
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  10. vertigo

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    The Michael Beer of hookers seems more apt.
  11. Brett


    Can you please post the text from the link in QUOTE tags and not just the link?

    Article is from the 9th July and is just some muppets' opinion on what he thinks he may have heard from someone. No quotes at all from anyone.
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  12. Bull Shark

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  13. No doubt about the players having a laugh at Farah's expense. I can picture them snickering at the article on the paper...

    The other paragraph about the refs seething doesn't surprise me either. Sandow getting away with calling a ref corrupt was a pretty poor message sent by the NRL...
  14. The answer is simple. Smith will be an immortal, Farah will not.
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  15. Anonymous person

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    Can you blame him though? I certainly can't after some of the blatantly incorrect outcome-affecting decisions that have been made along with the fact that 12 match day officials have been fired or stood down for betting on matches

    Melbourne Storm's Slade Griffin and Hymel Hunt suspended for betting on NRL games

    I can't believe how little has been made about the fact that match officials have been caught betting on games! These are the people who can directly cause a team to win or lose a game, and they were betting on matches!
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    I took match day officials to not mean referees
  17. Anonymous person

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    What else can they be? To me, officials would be touchies/refs. I hope I'm wrong, but the fact that they won't release any names is very suspicious.
    It can also be things like interchange officials

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