Farah "Smith isn't better than me"

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Big Pete, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. broncos4life

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    Match day officials can be anyone involves on match day. Crowd control, people that hand out the jerseys, all that kind of shit.
  2. But as AP says, the fact the NRL doesn't release their names is a worry and certainly doesn't help transparency!
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  3. Morkel


    What? Greenberg hiding shit to protect the ass of his charge? Unheard of.

    If it's truly for bets of $5 or less I don't have a problem with it, to me that's just a stupid mistake rather than an intention to match fix.
  4. Yeah I'm sure his team mates are going to come out publicly and be like "Yeah, how about Robbie thinking his better than Cam Smith? What a wanker!"

    NRL Lurker usually has his finger pretty close to the pulse.
  5. Morkel


    Why were the officials determined to bet on an NRL match? Surely if it's a "fun" thing then they'd stick to something other than NRL. The worry is that there are fixes on at a higher level, word filters through the ranks and some throw a small punt to see if it's legit.

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