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    Manu was already crouched at waste level. Re-watch it and then make a gif so everyone else can see
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    I hope slater gets off the charge and plays the GF. Would be great to see him play his last game in the final and most likely go out a winner. BUT, let’s be honest, it was a clear cut shoulder charge and I think he had no other intention than to make that style of tackle.
    It was the making of a copybook cover defense tackle which he could have made but decided to use the shoulder and his body weight. As sad as it is, I think he’ll be missing the game.
    And if Cronk is out as well, it could be a real fizzer of a GF.
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  3. Caniffe


    Ban Slater because I really can’t handle a week of Slater grand Farewell stories
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  4. Alec

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    Well, scans have revealed Cronk has a severe rotator cuff injury. I can't see how he can play with that.
  5. Alec

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    Roosters signing Cronk to win a premiership only for him to get injured before the Grand Final, with the Roosters losing would be a feel good story I guess.
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  6. Severe usually meaning a complete tear, the same thing Thurston suffered last year.

    He can't play.

    The only hope he has is that it's only a partial tear, but even then his shoulder function would be diminished.
  7. Battler

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    He still had Cronk on the field directing traffic. Matterson has only played in the halves with Cronk at HB. It will end in tears for the rorters if they try it in the GF.

    The storm will know where every point of attack is coming from and will just target Keary all night in attack and defence. Not to mention the working over he'll get in the ruck from the undisputed WWE champions.

    There's no evidence that he was in the process of making a normal tackle. If he kept running on his line he would have ran into the stands shoulder first. The onus should be on the defender not to hit the attacking player with a shoulder charge.

    EDIT: I agree that finals and rep games should have special weighting when it comes to suspension, but they don't so he should be gone.
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  8. CaptainHook

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    A couple of straw man arguments being tossed around here and there regarding this whole Slater discussion. Shall we knock them down one by one...

    1.) Slater shouldn't have been charged by the MRC because there wasn't much in it and it wasn't a 'traditional' shoulder charge anyway...

    As Greg McCallum said today: "...there would have been fairly significant eyebrow-raising if Billy wasn't charged. It's a clear-cut shoulder charge - you can't do what Billy did. He didn't use his arms, there's forceful contact."

    2.) He'll be let off because Justin Hodges was cleared to play in 2015...

    Completely different tackle under totally different circumstances. Maybe Hodges should have been suspended. Perhaps Guerra's testimony shouldn't have been used as they are QLD teammates and he was the victim in the tackle anyway?

    Is it possible that Hodges deserved to play and Billy doesn't? Oppositely, is it possible Hodges should have been suspended and Billy should be cleared?

    Rubbish argument that one. The case should be judged on its own merits.

    3.) He doesn't deserve to miss a Grand Final for that and/or the judiciary should take into account the importance of his last game...

    This one cracks me up. Let's take this idiotic point seriously for a second. Say the NRL do that and let him play because of the big occasion.

    What happens if Slater head highs a bloke in the Grand Final? Or does another shoulder charge?

    Do we just tack that suspension onto the one he's now already not serving and never will because he's retiring?

    The NRL must, must put aside the big match and keep a level head. If they buy into this nonsense there will be carnage as players know they can get away with more in the lead up to big games.

    4.) He deserves to play because other players have done similar tackles and escaped suspension...

    Again, like the Hodges one - maybe those blokes should have been charged and suspended. The fact that they weren't doesn't make Slater less guilty.

    Two wrongs don't make another wrong so let's stop perpetuating it.

    That's not the sort of consistency we want in our game fellas.

    Pity the NRL. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    Let's give them some credit here. They've charged him as they should have. They're not wading into the debate surrounding it and they're going to let the system do its work.

    It's what we should all want from the game.

    Personally, I don't care if he plays or not. If they fight the charge I don't see how they can get off it.

    The 'other people have done it and got let off', the 'he's a good bloke' and the 'there wasn't enough time to make a good tackle' are all bad arguments for mine.
  9. PerthBrissy987

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  10. Steve-o

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    My favourite defence for a player in trouble with the judiciary (usually said by former players/commentators) - “it’s not his go”
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  11. ivanhungryjak

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    “What else was he supposed to do?” seems to be getting a fair old run so far this week.
  12. Sproj


    Are the two less liked teams that could be playing the GF?

    And how good is it that the media are running with 'four-time premiership winner Cronk looks out.'

    You can cheat the cap, introduce dodgy and dangerous tactics that go a long way to ruining a great game and even paralyse some dude but hey, all is forgiven.

    And Fittler (a Roosters legend) coming out in the official media saying Slater should be rubbed out of the GF, yep no bias there whatsoever.

    This GF week is going to suck.
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  13. Morkel


    It drives me nuts how they commercialise everything.

    By the way, anyone who's feeling disillusioned by the NRL can either check out the Official BHQ Merchandise store here.

    Or attend the BHQ gathering, details found here.
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  14. I have very little interest in the GF for the first time in a while. I really, really hope it's a replay of the game they played last time. With a different result
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  16. winslow_wong

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    Surely the game won’t be a sell out. It’s gonna be pitiful compared to the afl that’s for sure.
  17. PerthBrissy987

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    Huge news :

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  18. They might have to sell tickets for $20 but it should be a sell out I think. Just a boring match up. If the Broncos can't make it at least get someone different in there. Sick of seeing the same teams at the end of the year
  19. CaptainHook

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    Yeah it's a beautiful disaster.

    Cronk's injury and Slater's possible suspension have taken the focus away from the question of what do we actually think of the upcoming game and the two teams contesting it.

    What do you make of it?

    If you're a rusted-on conspiracy theorist then you'll probably think that the NRL have orchestrated events to manufacture the perfect grand final for the year...

    ...and yet Cronk will be ruled out with a shoulder injury and Slater will be suspended...thereby robbing the WWE of it's two most important storylines.

    In the shadows, Cam Smith rolls the dice and it comes up snake eyes - the house always wins.

    What an amazing, **** ridiculous train wreck of a sport the NRL is.

    Never change.
    But remember boys and girls, it's the closest regular season and finals series ever(yes above the year before which apparently was the closest regular and finals series ever and so on) so the salary cap must be working and a quality competition is a result! *cough*. Melbourne were always going to be in the Grand Final, it was just a matter of who they were going to play and now your looking at the Storm becoming the first team in the NRL to go back to back since the Broncos in 1992-1993, something I'm sure we will see wanked over should it happen.
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