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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2017' started by Super Freak, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Wolfie

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    Wasnt Bromwich on top of Sammy? Its got nothing to do with what Sam did, or that running at a player is part and parcel of the game, it was how they charged him thats the issue. Them saying that Thiaday deliberately set out to cause Bromwich " discomfort " was just a dumb thing to say. If any player has an injury, and another player looks to target that injury, they are looking to cause him discomfort. They never once argued it wasnt part of the game. There is the issue. They are only arguing its against the spirit of the game if somebody deliberately looks to cause discomfort.
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  2. JayPee

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    He has been magnificent as a 6 for while. Lean year in 2016 and the first half a dozen rounds this year but prior he was a matchwinner and a big game player. Even before he cemented his spot beside Thurston. We as broncos fans should know
  3. Morkel


    Lean 2016 and first half dozen rounds this year, but a matchwinner and big game player before that?

    If only Ben Hunt received the same sort of praise instead of everyone just gravitating to whoever's been deemed the latest future superstar with zero runs on the board.
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  4. holdzy89

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    Everyone acknowledges Hunt's 2015 season...except know.
  5. Dexter


    Before game 1 hoping for 2 nil to us or 1 all
  6. holdzy89

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    Turned out good hey - would suck to have a dead rubber on our hands.
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  7. Dexter


    FMD I've never seen so much collective bleating about refs and how we wuz robbed. The penalty count was 6 to 4 and all they can do is cry about how they should have received more penalties, concentrating the whole time on themselves.
    You want a lopsided penalty count ****? how about 11 to 1 at half time like game 3 last year
  8. Big Del

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  9. 2ndPhase

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    100% I yelled at the tv screen at the time.
  10. Of course it was.

    Every team exploits the concussion rule. NSW were trying to defend their lead at the time, so get a fresh player on the field and don't use an interchange.
  11. Morkel


    Pretty much personifies NSW right now. Hurt themselves celebrating a victory that never eventuated.

    Isn't it only a free interchange if the player returns before 10 minutes or so is up? Or is it still a free interchange even if the player doesn't return, but not a free one if the player returns after X minutes?
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  12. It's free no matter what happens, as long as the player has been taken off for a HIA.
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  13. uptheguts

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    Just watched a repeat of the match sober and still think Gavin Cooper was our best forward and the best forward on the field. I don't quite understand why he is not getting more credit.

    Also I have no qualms in saying that Qld were the better side on the night all be it a close contest.

    And I don't think Qld win without Biily Slater .
  14. I haven't got the exact wording but Rothfield on 360 was disgusting. He literally said something along the lines of "You can't give a team like QLD 50mins of footy without penalising them, it's not fair to the other side" I mean, FMD. He wants them to make up phantom penalties?
  15. Morkel


    The refs do every other game.
  16. Dash

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    My favourite part was when he called 50/50 penalties "incorrect" because they didn't go to his team.
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  17. True that. Rare though, when the count is so close.
  18. Cooper was fine and I don't really see anyone wanting him dropped. He could have been given a bit more credit but he did well right enough. Very committed in defence.
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    Rothfield said you can't give a side as good as qld 46 minutes without a penalty. He didn't say it wasn't fair. He was however a whinging biased old git trying to highlight 11 instances where he considered the refs got it wrong however Kent, to his credit quickly stamped out that shit. Kent even pointed out the 11-1 penalty count from soo3last year. Rothfield is a disgrace and should never be called a reporter, much better to label him a tawdry gossip columnist.
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