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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2017' started by Big Pete, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Sproj


    For goodness sake, I always forget someone. Stuff it, put him in instead of Holmes.
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  2. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Rep

    It's rigged to always have a decider. What would be the reason to rig it for qld to win so many years?
  3. Astro

    Astro QCup Player

    So the children of NSW feel physically ill.
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  4. There are whispers that some NSW players were getting on the drink in the lead up to the decider.

    If it's true, it really does show the mentality of the Blues.. And why they are still way behind QLD.
  5. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    The Cruiser twins. Should we be surprised?
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  6. Morkel


    If Daley has the balls that Walters showed, he'd publicly blacklist Dugan and Ferguson for next season. Except of course he can't, because he may well not be the NSW coach next season.

    Add that to the Fifita tantrum and it's no wonder the blues crumbled.

    I'm guessing that those who thought Walters was too harsh on the young Maroons last year can see the positive effects it has had. No way we win this year if being a bunch of soft partyboys is tolerated in Qld's ranks.
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  7. Sproj


    Yep, I think Walters should be getting a lot of credit for what he has done as coach. Some of his selections have been surprising but he has shown he has known what he wants and has backed himself to get it. Certainly showing he may well be a very good future coach of the Broncos option.
  8. Dexter

    Dexter NRL Captain

    If that style qld played on wednesday is what he brings then the sooner the better.
  9. I got the solution for NSW, send their players into the Queensland camp for the duration of the series and keep them away from any NSW coaching influence whatsoever, then they might just have a chance.
  10. MaroubraBroncos

    MaroubraBroncos QCup Player

    They were saying on 360 that Fergo and Dugan snuck away to a pub down at lennox head for a good 8+ hrs. Also anyone see the Mcguire sledge ? It's not even that bad. Fifita is the biggest snowflake for bringing that up if it's true! "we knew you were shit" and "you are just shit ****s".
  11. Foordy


    NSW State of Origin loss is symptomatic of a culture gone wrong
    PAUL KENT, The Daily Telegraph43 minutes ago

    A GREAT silence falls over the Blues. Freed from another Origin series shortcoming, they are still not free from their Origin pain.
    Everything we believed is a fraud. The strides made in culture, their belief in what it meant to play for NSW, all a puff of smoke.
    Not everybody let the team down. But those who did, did so badly.

    As a unit there is not a lot of strength in the Blues. Not everywhere, where it is absolutely necessary in Origin.
    Some are wonderful young men. Captain Boyd Cordner grew this series.

    Josh Jackson is welcome in any team you care to name. Jake Trbojevic is a player you can build a team around for the next 10 years.

    Coach Laurie Daley went beyond the call for his players, protecting their reputations against the loss. Cradle them too tightly, though, and they die in your arms.

    Some players let down Daley and their teammates tremendously. They should never be picked for NSW again.

    Several days before the game Daley told David Klemmer he was going to start the game in place of Andrew Fifita. It was a sound tactic.

    Queensland negated Fifita in Game II when they got out early from marker and chopped him around the legs. The moment Fifita feels his legs are being attacked he begins to crab across field.

    A starting pair of Aaron Woods and Klemmer provided other benefits. One a ballplayer, the other pure crash and barge.
    It also allowed a fresh Fifita to come on once the sting had left the defence, where it is assumed he would be more threatening.
    Fifita did not much like the switch and the story broke in The Sunday Telegraph.

    Asked a question, Klemmer could not lie.

    “Yes, I was told I was starting,” Klemmer said. “But I didn’t. That is all I will say.”

    Most reports, the politest way they can be described, are that Fifita aggressively questioned the tactic, to the point Daley relented and allowed him to start, leaving the rest of the squad frustrated.

    What happened to this culture of team buy-in? They were sacrificing a sound strategy to please a player?

    Fifita is big and quick across the ground and should stand like a colossus in the game. Yet Fifita is a punchline in the Queensland camp.

    They laughed solidly when he whinged after Game II that he was sledged. He was angry, he told all who would listen, but he would not say what was said that angered him.

    He seemed to have no trouble sooking about what was said on the field but, pressed for detail, then saying what happens on the field stays on the field.

    It later emerged that Josh McGuire — who put it on the line verbally and then backed it up physically, winning the admiration of plenty — told Fifita “We knew you were shit” and “You are just shit c ... s”.

    The Queenslanders, all solid men, knew Fifita’s salty tears said everything they believed about Fifita. They exposed it, too.

    At the same time as we were being sold on this new Blues culture it also emerged in the decider fallout that Blake Ferguson and Josh Dugan were spending their day off at the Lennox Point Hotel.

    This was after the bonding period was shut down. If nothing else, it shows where their heads were at.

    The disappointment in all this is that this is exactly what the Blues have been telling us they are so slowly building towards — identifying and correcting this weakness in culture.

    The Blues spoke so often about it they had many of us convinced.

    We have now learned it is one thing to recognise it and speak to it ... and another thing altogether to live it

    The failings begin from the top down.

    The Blues are called in to camp and as quickly as they can they fly to Kingscliff on the Queensland border. As far from the heart of NSW as they can be. Hessian netting is wrapped around the ground for training sessions to stop prying eyes seeing in.
    The Blues isolate themselves, tucked in their own world.

    Queensland embrace their State. They fly into towns like Toowoomba and Rockhampton and Mackay and spend a day signing autographs and absorbing what it means to represent these people.

    Training is open and Queenslanders are welcomed to be part of it.

    Their first words are always about the honour of playing for Queensland and not letting their state down.

    The Blues merely speak to it, undone by a few, and still they do not learn
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  12. soup


    Great sledge, Kent.
  13. Foordy


    It was interesting that Daley backed down an allowed to Fifita to start after his whining ... lol
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  14. Outstanding.
  15. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Unbelievable. If someone tried it on Bennett or Mal they would be out of the team. I guess it's true Daley is a really nice guy.
  16. Horseheadsup

    Horseheadsup NRL Player

    McGuire wasn't even sledging, just was speaking the truth.
  17. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    NSW got beaten on the day by a good team featuring some of the greatest players ever. I feel they are overanalysing the defeat.
  18. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    Exactly right. The NSW media and ex-players constantly bang on about NSW not 'getting Origin'. What they don't get is that they are consistently beaten by superior players, playing a superior gameplan. The more they delude themselves into thinking it's 'Origin Spirit', the more they will lose.
  19. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    Even Dugan and Ferguson having a few beers. It was so far out from the game. Such a beat up. NSW fans and media are clutching at straws trying to analyse why they lost like they should have won.
  20. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    The origin spirit aspect is just media BS on the mentality of the players and the mental aspects play a massive role in professional sports nowadays.

    NSW in game 1 were fully switched on and coming in with a siege mentality forged from years of defeat. That siege mentality completely dissipated after they won game 1 so easily, their minds appeared to switch from being in a fight to thinking they were top dog after 80mins.

    You could see it from the words afterwards and any reporter claiming that it only came from the media is utter bullshit... Teddy came out after game 1 claiming he wants to be a part of the next 10 year dynasty, NEXT like that would be the new norm for origin... gave zero respect to what qld had achieved for the last decade and assumed it was over.

    You could see it when the NSW players hit the field smiling and laughing like the job was done. This is the issue with NSW they don't want to beat qld they just want to be the best. After game 1 they thought well we're the best again job done.

    Unlike Qld who come out every game wanting to beat NSW and that's it, we don't care what anyone else says we just want to smash the blues. If we have the better team the pressure is on us to perform if we don't then the pressure is on them to prove it and beat us.

    To some extent it's why we always consider ourselves underdogs, we always give the blues due respect and never underestimate they're team. Complacency is what happens to NSW hence the calls of why they don't get it. They think the best team just wins, that MUST be the reason why qld have won so many in the last decade

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