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  1. Morkel


    Not just a few quiet beers...

    BLAKE Ferguson and Josh Dugan were still so drunk the day after an eight-hour alcohol-fuelled bender during NSW Blues camp before Origin III team staff hid them from the media, Ray Hadley has revealed.
    Speaking on his 2GB radio morning show today Hadley shed more light on a Blues camp in utter chaos, which also included a journalist’s car being vandalised during the camp before game one.
    The NRL commentator expanded on the story in today’s Daily Telegraph about Dugan and Ferguson’s trip to Lennox Point Hotel on the Friday before the Origin decider.
    “What players do on a day off is up to them but I wouldn’t think it is very responsible going to a pub and getting on the drink,” Hadley said.

    “Reports I get out of Kingscliff [say] either one or the two were so affected by alcohol the next day the team management — instead of sanctioning the players — actually hid them from view.
    “(NSW Rugby League CEO) Dave Trodden is today saying he heard rumours but they weren’t rumours — everyone knows they were on the drink and hidden from media the next day.”
    Hadley said Dugan and Ferguson pulled a similar stunt at the second Origin camp in Sydney when, the day after the team was announced, neither player showed up for media commitments the next day after a big night out drinking.
    Hadley also revealed a journalist covering the Blues’ Origin III preparations had their car vandalised and players believed someone within the NSW camp was responsible.
    “A journalist’s car was vandalised and graffitied in the lead up to the game. His name and other names were written on the car in quite a derogatory manner,” Hadley claimed.

    “Players were speculating they knew who did it because someone was arcing up about the aforementioned journalist and that they ‘needed to be dealt with’.
    “We’ll never know though because there was no CCTV in the car park.”
    News of Dugan and Ferguson’s bender as well as the vandalism follow reports last week Dave Klemmer was meant to start the decider in place of Andrew Fifita before Fifita blew up at coaching staff who relented and allowed the Sharks prop to begin the match.
    Hadley said NSW’s Origin set-up needed to be overhauled from the top down, including a clean-out of players, staff and coaches.

    “We can’t have the lunatics running the asylum which is what we have now,” Hadley said.
    “Yesterday I said it was time for coach Laurie Daley to go. He’s a nice fella but his time has come.
    “They need to install a coach that won’t put up with this nonsense.
    “I’m putting my money behind Dean Pay — a tough as teak front rower who played for his state and his country. He wouldn’t be putting up with that kind of nonsense.

    “What has to happen if NSW are to have any success against this Queensland team is they need someone like Dean Pay who can take control and say ‘OK you mugs I’m in charge not you. If you want to get on the drink or argue about things then you won’t be in the team.’”
    Hadley finished off his spray by calling for NSWRL to dock Dugan and Ferguson their $30,000 match fees for Origin III.
    “People like that aren’t entitled to be part of state of origin and they should be shown the door,” Hadley said.
  2. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    Thank God James Roberts wasn't part of their squad. Gotta say that's **** hilarious vandalising a journo's car. I want to see pictures of the car.
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  3. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    No guarantees that the Jet would have jettisoned off to Lennox with those two clowns but the temptation would of been there. I agree with you, probably a good thing he wasn't part of the squad. I hope they continue to snub him.
  4. Dexter


    Will Chambers - Melbourne Storm
    Gavin Cooper - North Queensland Cowboys
    Cooper Cronk - Melbourne Storm
    Dane Gagai - Newcastle Knights
    Matt Gillett - Brisbane Broncos

    Tim Glasby - Melbourne Storm
    Coen Hess - North Queensland Cowboys
    Valentine Holmes - Cronulla Sharks
    Ben Hunt - Brisbane Broncos
    Josh McGuire - Brisbane Broncos
    Michael Morgan - North Queensland Cowboys

    Cameron Munster - Melbourne Storm
    Dylan Napa - Sydney Roosters
    Josh Papalii - Canberra Raiders

    Billy Slater - Melbourne Storm
    Cameron Smith (c) - Melbourne Storm
    Jarrod Wallace - Gold Coast Titans

    We had 9 players from game 1 still there in game 3 and there seems to be doubt about the Origin spirit being a factor or even real.
    Kevvie transitioned this side in 2 games and was missing from last years series Parker, Inglis, Boyd, Thurston, Scott, Myles, Liilyman, Oates, O'Neill, Thaiday and Guerra.
    If someone had said after game 3 last year that all those guys would be out not 1 person would have honestly thought we would be winning the 2017 series, but there is no such thing as origin spirit.
    Clearly we are getting into a time where some Qlders have forgotten/never known why we hate the pricks so much.
    Lets hope the players never find themselves in the same place.
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  5. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    It's not that we don't have Origin spirit, it's just not the reason why we keep winning. NSW have convinced themselves that's all we've got over them and as a consequence show no respect to the ability of the Qld side.

    Spirit or not, Smith, Cronk, Slater, Inglis, Thurston, Gillett, McGuire, Morgan and Boyd are better than their opposite number, and an argument could be made for Cooper, Napa, Papalii, Holmes, Munster and Gagai.

    Until NSW stop trying to beat us at Origin (whatever the **** that means) and start trying to beat us at rugby league, we'll keep on winning. This series was the perfect example - we adapted our game to beat theirs and they offered nothing new in return. We won by playing better footy, not by having more spirit.
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  6. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep


    Well apparently Dugan and Ferguson had way more spirits than the rest of our team combined. One of NSW's problems is that their journos keep making excuses for them ala Phil Rothfield- Every year it's the ref's fault they didn't win. They need to drop that attitude for a start.
  7. Dexter


    Sorry to say but IMO you dont get it.
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  8. Apparently Dugan and Ferguson had actually rocked up to training drunk before Game 2 of the 2013 series, according to Stuart.

    The fact that they weren't dropped then and there really shows the problems within the NSW camp and Laurie's coaching.
  9. Kidding yourself if that poor bastard would have any say whatsoever. At least in QLD we don't have to deal with the NSWRL boys club.
  10. Sticky's story isn't news - that's when the indecent assault occurred.

    Ferguson was deregistered for the incident, Dugan was cleared by the NSWRL of any wrongdoing.
  11. Foordy


    The NSWRL have said that Fifita was never told he wasn't starting and Daley changed his plans at the last minute.
  12. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

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  13. Couldn't give any less of a shit tbh.
  14. Sterlo confirmed that was always the plan, to bench Fifita and start Klemmer. My guess is Daley told Fifita he won't be starting and then Fifita cracked the shits. So to avoid Fifita not making an effort because he didn't get his way, which mattered little anyway because he was useless, he backflipped and decided to start him.

    Flanagan did bench him for the Titans game, but I don't think he would have taken any shit so Fifita sucked it up.
  15. OXY-351

    OXY-351 NRL Player

    Last night on NRL360 Luke Lewis said he spoke to Fifita and Fafita said he wasn't told and didn't blow up at Daley.

    Blowing up at Daley about it is something I can see Fifita doing, but I can also see the media making shit up too.

    I don't understand why Daley can't come out and clear this all up. Unless of course he can't come out and say it didn't happen, because it did happen.
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  16. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    Daley is the guy that was too awkward to get his chair back from Gus. He's like the chess club chairman of the NRL. He's too meek to say anything.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    Okay, so if the Daley plan to putFatfita on the bench was never discussed, then how did Klemmer know about it?
  19. Morkel


    I thought winning the series after all the bragging and entitlement couldn't get any better. Wow, was I wrong. This is magnificent.
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  20. Dexter


    Just went online to get tickets for game 1 at the G next year. FMD $300 each and I thought $200 was up there for Suncorp which is a better viewing ground than the G (for league at least).

    I'll just have to suck it up, I'm not going down there to get a crap seat and I've always wanted to go to the G.

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