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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Big Pete, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Welp, that's the Titans fucked for a couple of games.
  2. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    @toddbalym: Johnathan Thurston forgot his boots for Origin. Had to get police to go back to hotel to collect them. Jarryd Hayne 2009 grand final style.
  3. Not exactly a lot to choose from. Mullen or Campese thats about it.
    Yep you do... in fact more than one! Which blues player are you talking about?
  4. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    Probably Hayne, the way he screamed like a girl to the ref saying it was Thaiday that touched the ball.
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  5. Kaz

    Kaz State of Origin Captain

    Myles will miss a suspension if he takes the early plea.


    Wow! What a win. Firstly, if it wasn't for a missed tackle by Teo / dce in game 2, the series is ours.

    Parker was massive tonight. Best game I've seen from him. Just magnificent.
    Inglis finally got involved tonight and carved up a few times. Great to see.
    Cronk was fantastic too.
    Guerra really established himself in this team tonight. He is a gun and has to be one of the best line runners in the game. Close to man of match for me.
    Gillett, well, he was barely seen which is great news. I think it suggests mal has realised he is a passenger and will only play while there are no other stand outs like guerra waiting to come in.
    Taylor tried, but we got a rocks not diamonds night.
    Hodges was great, loved him getting involved. NSw don't know what to do when he gets the ball.
    And where are all the "chambers is crap" posters, which is just about 99% of this forum. He had a great first game and is definitely part of this team for years to come. Have some humble pie.
  7. Mister Wright

    Mister Wright NRL Player

    Did Hodkinson play last night? If he did that performance shouldn't count against his career match tally.
  8. Mister Wright

    Mister Wright NRL Player

    I think last night showed how much we missed Cronk. If he hadn't of broken his arm in game 1 we would have won & I reckon we would have had the clean sweep if he plays the whole series.
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  9. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    Taylor played his last Origin. Guerra was outstanding and has cemented a spot in the time going forward. Chambers was brilliant on the wing. I had my reservations about him switching sides and moving to the wing but he really played well. DCE finally made an impact but they way they use him will only work when our forwards are well on top.
  10. Morkel


    The best victories are when the refs blatantly hand everything to the opposition but you still thrash the fuckers anyway. That was the worst reffing of the series. But all 3 games have been a **** joke. Even after the win I'm furious. If we were like the NSW dogs we would have dived for about 5 late or high shots and gotten legit penalties. The fucken broadcast even refused to replay the dog shots. But NSW coughs and there are replays from all angles and the commentators go tsk tsk.

    I've got a 12 hour flight to calm down.
  11. FaceOfMutiny

    FaceOfMutiny NYC Player

    I thought Dave Taylor was hard done by with the 2nd spill of the ball... I don't understand how its a dropped ball if it never left his hand and I did enjoy seeing him actually just run hard for once... I think he just needs to put the ball under his arm a bit more before running instead of just holding it in one hand.

    I just hope Hodges and Parker play like that for the Broncos for the rest of the year.

    I am just hoping next year Qld don't have the injury crisis and get the shield back convincingly so that this year will be remembered as the year NSW won because of injury.
  12. uptheguts

    uptheguts QCup Player

    Really enjoyed this one. We completely dominated their forwards and Hayne was nullified. I didn't think the blues were too grubby(by their standards) and was pretty happy with the refereeing. I would still like to put the Guearra no try under the microscope. Bet if the Blues scored it Patten would have given the green light. Great performances from all the boys especially Hodges and Parker. Chambers definitely made the the grade. How good was Billy under those high balls! Looked like a great crowd . All bodes well for a great series next year.
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  13. broncos4life

    broncos4life International Rep

    Was such a great game. With the exception of Taylor I thought everyone was fantastic.

    Was at the game so didn't hear the commentary, does anyone know why Guerra's first try was disallowed?

    Have to say, after criticising chambers selection he definitely proved me wrong, I thought he was very good.

    Last night proved 3 things for me

    1) This QLD team is fair from done, and without very dubious ref calls I think its hard to make an argument that they wouldnt be talking about 10 in a row.

    2) How integral Cronk is to this team

    3) Reynolds/hodkinson (if he even played) are no where near origin quality halves when the refs let the boys play football. The brilliant thing about that is we most likely have them to look forward to next year, as it will be hard for the selectors not to pick them after they ''won the shield"
  14. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    Thurston was in front of the kicker and then got involved in the play is the official reason.
  15. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Last night was the first time I haven't heard Phil Gould commentate Origin, animal eater got his wish. This is a petty thing to talk about but wow Wally was bias last night he was literally cheerleading Queensland and the Maroons fans complain about bias commentary :laugh:
  16. Brett


    As bad as Wally was last night, he's still not on Gould's level.
  17. uptheguts

    uptheguts QCup Player

    Wally is just on a par with Johns and Sterling who I can tolerate( most of the time). The reason Gould pisses me off more is the way he talks over everybody. The Thaiday no try was a case in point. He just drowned out any questioning of Pattens blatantly incorrect decision to rule no try. TBH though I think Warren is even worse then Gould , the way he just brushes the Blues foul play under the carpet but hones in on any Qld indiscretion.
  18. Battler

    Battler NRL Captain

    Let's all pray that McQueen doesn't squeeze his way back into the team. Replace Teo with Papalli (assuming he's in form), and bring back Scott for Taylor.
  19. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    Thoughts on the game

    - The Maroons came out with a deserving win dominating possession and territory salvaging a morale boasting win

    - I personally feel the score is unfair on NSW as the Maroons didn't put the Blues away till the last 10 minutes and NSW showed amazing effort and commitment to hang in there for 70 minutes.

    - Chambers proved me wrong and played a strong debut

    - Quite ironic this game paved out the same way as Game 3 2003, that game was on my mind in the lead up

    - Parker was easily the best player on the field and it's great seeing a Bronco play so well in the rep arena. I was 3/3 for man of the match awards this series and got the player of the series right as well :takdir:

    - Taylor failed again but I feel Mal will always find a spot for him. He obviously rates him but I feel Taylor isn't quite up to this level. He is to much of a liability.

    - Mansour would've been a better selection he would've made some valuable meters through the middle. McManus did ok I thought but I would pick players who can do more 'than just a job' in rep games.

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