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    I'm pretty sure I read on Foxsports earlier today that Farah had surgery today and has already been ruled out of Game 3, and they're brining in Hinchcliffe & J.Reynolds as cover.. correct me if I'm wrong.


    He had surgery, i havent seen hes been ruled out though (even though it seems obvious)
  2. 500 channels and nothing but cats.
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  3. Dexter


  4. I thought the Blues were unsure whether the loophole actually exists in that circumstance?

    If it does, that's terrible from the NRL considering how much they kicked up a stink over the TBA situation 10 years ago.
  5. Dexter


    I doubt if they will go with Ennis unless he is cleared
  6. It's been confirmed by an NRL spokesman that the loophole exists.

    Both states agreed to never let it happen again, but no rule was actually created to stop them from doing it.
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  7. CaptainHook

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    I'm pretty sure the loophole is closed. Both sides must name a full team - which the Blues did. QLD named 'TBA' years ago allowing Tuqiri to serve his suspension at club level.

    To get around it, it seems the Blues have deliberately named a player they know full well won't be able to play which will clear Ennis if they go that way.
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  8. I think you're right CaptainHook.

    Instead of taking care of all the potential loopholes and exploitations surrounding suspended players, the NRL has chosen to address the TBA situation which is silly because this is basically the same thing, just with different dressing.

    I don't have an issue with NSW exploiting it because I want the best teams on the park but it just amazes me that fans like us spend all this time supporting this competition and get treated to this incompetence.
  9. Yep, that's what I meant with the TBA variant...
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  10. I'm fine with Ennis playing. He still has unfinished business and he doesn't have Snowden to hide behind this time.


    Just another example of NSWRL bending the rules when it suits them and whinging like crybabies when it doesn't.
  11. 1910

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    Plane just landed from fan day; no player left behind!
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  12. Foordy


    They probably don't want to name Ennis as cover in case he has a weeks suspension to serve.

    FTR, how good would it be if Farah is ruled out and Reynolds is his replacement. It will be so much easier for us to travel down the field if Reynolds plays.
  13. Qld pick their 18th man as just a player to give some experience about the ins and outs of camp. Blokes like Napa and K Sims will nearly be certainties to be in camp.
  14. Broncoman

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    I think Mal has made a mistake leaving out Napa. When he came into first grade I only saw Napa as a hard defender with limited ability elsewhere but of late he has added some ball running to his game and is possibly topping around 100 meters and making the defense work whenever he is in possession. He is hitting like a sledgehammer and running like a bull at the moment. Papalii is good but I don't think he is mobile enough to handle the Blues pack.

    If I was Mal I would've picked Napa
  15. Stix

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    Yeah Napa should be there... Papa and Napa need the seek and destroy instructions.
  16. Dexter


    Papa has been playing 80 mins nearly every game hits pretty hard himself and has been there before , Mal went with experience as well as form
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  17. 1910

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    Training today for the first time; Boyd, Thurston, Scott and Papalli won't train yet.
  18. Dexter


    Scott is a worry with his injury. I think he has had it since at least Origin 2 when he let Woods push past him and against the Sharks the other night he wanted nothing to do with Tagatese when he scored.

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