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Great. That'll fire him up. Crazy thing is he didn't really have a good game. It was a "good" 5 minutes where he had some strong runs, punched some people while on his back, and mouthed off a lot.


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He's your typical grub who thrives at being a fuckwit when his team is in a near unbeatable position. NSW have had a few of them over the years.


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keep hearing farah more likely to play than at him all night and re-break that hand I say


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"oh yeah we'll target him", never actually happens cause it's dirty as **** to deliberately re-injure someone's injury.

You've got to do it Barrett on Inglis style, belt them around the chops from behind in a tackle and pretend it's all legit.
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Does Farah really think he is that superior to Ennis , even with a broken hand? Very little between them when both are fully fit. Tackling would be very hard.


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yeah if he wants to be a hero and play just keep running at him...he'll get found out


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Supposedly. He was shit in origin and cost them stupid penalties, niggled a bit and ran behind Creagh. He was pretty useless at origin level.

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IT HAS taken 13 years but on the eve of his final State of Origin game, Queensland centre Justin Hodges has finally spoken about his horror Maroons debut.

Hodges has opened up to The Sunday Mail on his Origin career and the real reason he is walking away — his cheeky 16-month-old son Carter and wife Gyanne.

Carter has achieved what no opponent could — softening Justin.

Wednesday’s Origin decider at Suncorp Stadium will be the proud father’s 24th and final Origin game, ending a brilliant career that began in 2002 with a shocker.

“The most enjoyable part of my life now is my son,” Hodges said.

“You hear that when you have kids it changes your life, and it really does.

“It puts things in perspective.

‘‘He is probably why I am a bit more mellow these days.

“You develop a soft side where you have to be gentle with your kids. It is a blessing to have him.

“To have him there for my last game is going to be something special.

“To have him on the field, whether the result is good or bad, is something I will never forget.

“I am happy with my decision. I never thought I would get this far considering my first game.”

Hodges is not the only one who thought his 2002 debut may have been his last in a Maroons jersey.

Twice he passed in his own in-goal trying to avoid a repeat set and twice the ball escaped Darren Lockyer’s outstretched hands allowing the Blues to score.

He struggled with injury during the next three years and played three games between his debut and 2006.

But he endured and cemented his place in the Maroons during the drought-breaking 2006 series.

Since the night of his debut he has never explained what happened. Until now.

“Yeah … I remember that night and throwing those two balls,’’ he said.
‘‘I backed my ability.

‘‘I thought ‘Locky’ was in the right spot on one of them.

“I was overawed by the occasion. As a 19-year-old kid you don’t cherish things like that.

“I was gutted. You live your whole life wanting to play for Queensland and wanting to perform as well as you can.

“I felt I let myself, my family and my whole state down.

“The actual moment that stands out for me though is how the boys rallied around me and supported me. Lote (Tuqiri) put his arms around me because he knew how devastated I was.

‘‘He told me I would bounce back and that I would be better than ever next time.

“That game did actually make me a better player.”

Hodges, 33, was so distraught by his performance he skipped his flight back to Sydney which meant he missed a training session with the Roosters.

He collected his thoughts on a 12-hour drive, arriving back in Bondi to a club-imposed suspension.

“I was really shaken up by it and at that moment I just needed my space,” Hodges said.

“I was in contact with the Roosters still, but I needed to process it all.

“That first game was bad but it made me work harder and made me want to make a mark on Origin and to try and be one of Queensland’s best players.

“Every time I pull on that jersey I become a better player for it.”
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