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    What I find funny is people praised Pearce for game 2. At best, he was above average, and then that's down to pure luck - twice he literally handed the ball to QLD but our players knocked on both times.
  2. He was better then DCE, but then that was no achievement.
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  3. A video I made of Game 3.

    I wanted to add a bit more, but I had some problems there..

    If you watch it, some feedback (good or bad) would be appreciated.

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    Top stuff. The Hanz track gives it an appropriate epic feel.
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    I don't want Hodges to retire.
  5. And I ended up uploading the wrong video.. Ended up uploading the test video.

    I should probably stop using similar names for the video files.

    Anyway, here is the video I meant to upload. Pretty much the same, just a little bit extra added and I removed the QUEENSLANDER chant at the end.. It just didn't sound right to me.

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  6. Morkel


    Unbelievable. The intensity of the game was mirrored perfectly. Just try after try after try, a Maroons avalanche. You could see the emotion after every one of them too. You're a credit to this site.
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  7. Awesome video.

    Personally, I liked the Queenslander chant at the end, and I would've loved to also see that moment where Thurston kicks his 9th goal (I think) and goes... "Too **** old!"
  8. Good stuff SF. Great video.


    Great video!!

    As good as any highlight reel will be, no video will ever depict just how dominant we were in that game. You can show all the tries and big hits but you just cant portray how we just totally owned all 80 minutes
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  10. I have an erection.
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  11. Pretty sure it's because of "that email". :wink:
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  12. I have one because of that photo of you on facebook.

    "Pipe and a crepe...?
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  13. ...but it's not as big as mine.

    Great Video.
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  14. And you know this how...?
  15. Great job !!

    The maroon background with the fiery embers blowing upwards was very nice. Beginning and end.

    Music was emotional and played nicely without over powering the vid.

    I would have liked to have heard a QLD'r crowd chant fading into (~4.42 min mark) the maroon fire embers ending.

    Again, great job.

  16. Intuition.
  17. Sure, let's go with that...
  18. Not a big feat to beat old Nashy.
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    is that your youtube channel " RugbyLeagueTv" ? will subscribe if it is.....
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