NEWS Matty Johns: Broncos must get emotional

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Broncos must bring the fire if they hope to match the Roosters

May 16, 2019

The Brisbane Broncos take on the benchmark team on Friday night, the Sydney Roosters.

After a difficult start to the year, last week’s performance against Manly had traces of improvement, but here they’ll get a great indication of what they need to do and how far they have to go to consider themselves a contender.

Watching the Broncos last Friday, live at Suncorp Stadium, gave a great insight into where they are with their football.

Firstly they’re trying very hard, you can see in the way they play that they are doing lots of ball work on the training paddock, trying to bed down the new style of football Anthony Seibold is after.

It manifests itself in an interesting way because for the majority of the match the Broncos ran through attacking sequences with little attention to what the defence was presenting.

The playmakers were focused more on rallying teammates into positions on the field than counting defensive numbers and trying to spot opposition vulnerability.

You see learning structure is hard, structure is a guide but when you’re learning it, it feels like a straight jacket.

It was Anthony Milford who created the spark for Brisbane, occasionally he would break out of the structured sequence and simply challenge Manly with his speed and footwork.

There’s a few types of unsuccessful teams, but two of those are the team which plays with no structure and the team who only plays structured.

The very best sides jump in and out of structured play.

The Broncos are trying to work that out.

But to beat the likes of the Sydney Roosters you need more than a good game plan, you need to play with a high level of emotion.

Not enough coaches focus on this aspect of the game, the ability to get the team and the individual up for the contest.

Look at the Melbourne Storm last Saturday night. The previous week coach Bellamy poked his team, challenging their desire and telling them if they aren’t prepared to do what’s required he’ll find other players who will.

It was clear in their performance over the Eels that every Storm player thought the coach was directing the comment at them.

Storm 64, Eels 10.

After the match Eels coach Brad Arthur was asked to describe his team’s performance, “Soft.”

My appraisal was this, Parramatta turned up prepared for a regular season game, Melbourne turned up believing they were playing for their careers.

Parramatta were totally overwhelmed by the emotion of the Melbourne players.

In the post-game coverage Mal Meninga delivered the perfect summation, “The Storm simply ran harder and hit harder.”

Very simple, that’s the magic of Mal, he understands the human side of the contest.

To destroy an opposition with the ferocity of your running and tackling is the direct result of how high you get emotionally.

How you get that high emotionally can be attributed to numerous factors, but generally it’s from being embarrassed and then challenged.

You can’t play that way every game because throughout a season you can’t keep getting yourself sky high, week in, week out, it’s impossible.

You need a strong game plan, you need understanding and you need discipline. But to win the big games you need emotion.

That’s crucial for the Broncos on Friday night.

Brisbane need to stop obsessing about what they are doing, lift their levels of intensity and challenge the Roosters’ physically.

If they don’t, like the Eels last week, they’ll be overwhelmed.

Source: Courier Mail


BRL Player
I think he's right, especially if we have a bye next week. Go all out, teams usually struggle the week after an emotional performance, but the bye helps.
We are playing the Warriors in Auckland next Saturday.
However I would happily accept a down showing next week if it means a win tonight

Jason Simmons

NRL Player
I am just happy when I see some passion from the boys, that they actually demonstrate that they genuinely appreciate playing for this club, for it's fans and for each other.

There has been precious little of that for many years now, IMHO. Even our 'development' players at times seem to have a mercenary attitude, as if they are only doing this because they are getting paid and we should be damn grateful they are even there...


NRL Captain
It’s a common theme these days. Players, especially the undroppables, tend to treat the game like an office job. They should be playing to win and becoming the best, and the pay check will follow.

Many seem to be doing the last bit first with a bit of an ‘oh well if we win, we win.’ attitude. Mostly because they know they can mercenary to another club or super league and play adequately and still get paid.

Not begrudging them trying to squeeze the most out of a limited-time career, but personally I’d like to be known as a legend of one club that won a few titles rather than a journeyman that happened to be paid well. If I played for us, I wouldn’t care how little I got paid, but I guess it’s easy to say that when it’s a complete hypothetical

If we lose, I want to see them visibly pissed off, not just feigning disappointment. Leave the laughing and bro-hugging opposition to the change rooms or the tunnel after you leave the field


NRL Player
Agree. When I cancelled six seats I had for almost twenty years Andrew Gee rang me in person to ask why. I essentially gave him the same reason. Beer was watered down and over priced, food was outrageously over-priced and the team reflected that attitude that it was all about the filthy lucre. The Broncos had become a caricature of themselves and were simply running a business to fleece punters who were willing to accept mediocrity.

There is still too much of it happening today. Corey Oates and Patty Carrigan being two notable exceptions.

I wish to God that Jimmy the Jet would look back on some of the tries he scored when he thumped the Broncos crest over his heart to imply he was playing for the team. If he really meant it he'd be the first to repay us for the faith we invested in him with a huge attitude adjustment.

Can anyone get a banner up tonight and let the Jet know we want him to stay and show some heart? Mundine wrongly remarked that he was not being shown 'any love'. I beg to differ. We've been in his corner since he came here. We were all willing to accept his past so long as he 'put in' for the team. That's all most of ask. Stuff 'Burn the boats' I'd rather we had - PUT IN FOR THAT CREST ABOVE YOUR HEART FFS! up on the wall.


QCup Player
Someone needs to teach Matty about comma splices and independent clauses. Boy howdy.

But, yeah, this team hasn't shown much emotion for years. They just don't seem to care, win or lose. Especially lose.


QCup Player
Sunshine Coast
Someone needs to teach Matty about comma splices and independent clauses. Boy howdy.
Doubt he wrote it. It'd be ghostwritten, probably over the phone. Then blame the News LTD sub if you don't like the punctuation.

But then again, the fact you thought it was written by Johns gives merit to retaining a certain colloquial feel to it. Sometimes wrong is right, innit?


QCup Player
Doubt he wrote it. It'd be ghostwritten, probably over the phone. Then blame the News LTD sub if you don't like the punctuation.

But then again, the fact you thought it was written by Johns gives merit to retaining a certain colloquial feel to it. Sometimes wrong is right, innit?
What? No! A rugby league player doesn't write their own columns? Colour me shocked, pal. Thanks for the heads up!

My whole world is a lie...

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