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Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by PNG Broncos fan88, Feb 27, 2019.

    A new captain post Bennett era, I believe is another positive step towards our beloved team breaking it's longest premiership drought.
    Most times during the 2018 season, there have been on field calls that have defied the true spirit of the Broncos expansive way of play which has netted them the coveted trophy 6 times.
    Frustrating it is to watch that when we have the opposition at our mercy, the captain opts to take the 2 points when clearly the halves are fuming in the background to take the quick tap.
    A wise captain will sense the momentum swings of a game and recognise and trust that his halves generals will execute at their best to cross the stripe and deflate the oppositions will to win.
    Is our current captain too safe, has he brought the seeds of doubt from his previous stints with clubs that have game plans that are more defence orientated?

    Our 13+ wins for last season was only 5, a worrying stat considering that we have strike offensive players littered in the backline. Bottom 8 stragglers seem to be more than a handful for our lads and we end up losing the unlosable matchups.
    Is our current captain displaying leadership attributes when our team is under pressure, other than; > gesturing both arms up at the ref when calls go the way of the opposition.
    > consistently lambast the halves when back line play breaks down
    > saunter up half heartedly during kick returns

    5 of our titles were snared by the halfback captain (4 Langer, 1 Kev Walters), while the most recent by Lockyer at pivot. It's time we channelled our original style of play, give the captaincy to our halves - or at least in a co-captaincy with a young matured forward to re-ignite that championship team aura synonymous with the mighty Brisbane Broncos.
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    Where’s this from?
  2. I couldn't even name a captain apart from Darb right now. Milf & TPJ aren't mature enough, Roberts & Lodge are too loose, Glenn may not be here next season, Gillo & Oates are as thick as oatmeal..

    Honestly the 2 leading candidates would almost have to be Ofahengaue & Isaako. My vote in this pointless hypothetical would be for Joe.
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  4. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    Taking the 2 is fine if they then follow it up with maintained pressure. Too often they would then concede points not long after taking the 2.
  5. Boyd is our captain, I see absolutely no reason for that to change anytime soon. I'm not trying to be dismissive but unless there's a compelling alternative I don't see why our most experienced player and our most successful player shouldn't remain captain.

    If I'm not mistaken he is our only premiership winner and Australian rep. So he's also the most accomplished player in our squad. I know he had a shit year last season hampered by injury but he was looking very promising again in the back end when he regained his confidence and I'm confident he'll have a very good year ahead.
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  6. Poor thread title.......I read that and thought the club had actually appointed a new captain
  7. Darius is the captain, and I support him as the captain. He's the best man we have for it too.
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    And the players think so too
  9. Gaz

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    And coach.
  10. Whoever updated the thread title, cheers to ya :)
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    You are idiotic to think that taking the two is the sole call of the captain. The coach directs players what to do in these situations. And we won a few games by two last year mainly being penalty goals too
  12. Me and a whole heap of fans think not, his gone backwards.
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    that's why fans are in the stands and not on the field/training paddock/coaches box
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  14. Not much good for us against the Dragons, we went up twos and they regrouped and thrashed us by tries.
  15. Foordy


    you can't blame Boyd for following the coaches instructions ...

    FTR, that was one game ... there were several others where we won solely because of taking the 2 when it was on offer. most notably against the Tigpies
  16. I would rather see my captain lay his all the line, then what our current captain displays.
    Lodge, Glenn or Gillett are ideal replacements.
    This trial just confirmed that Boyd and McCullough will still hold this team back from premiership glory.
  17. To be fair, the captain can overrule the coach and it has been done in the past by former captains with Hodges being one example.

    However, it was very early in the game and in this case I don't see why anyone would blame Boyd for following the coaches instructions.
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    To be honest, you don't really need a "C" next to your name to be a leader. Just do your job well, do the tough carries, make the big runs when you are tired, put the extra effort in defence, and do it consistently. Even if Boyd is the official captain, it doesn't mean that someone like Gillett or Glenn or whoever can't show some leadership too. This is why we need experienced players in the side still, even if the rookies are all full of promise. Glenn has been good last year without doing the flashy stuff. So far, he seems to be a step quicker and a bit leaner this year, hopefully he can be a leader for us even if he isn't a captain. Same for Gillett, and hopefully even McCullough.
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    when the going gets tough, players will look to the guy who is officially with the C title. It’s human nature. And if said guy is plodding around and having a whinge then that will trickle down to the rest of the team.
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