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Blake Bortles with 87 yards.

How did the Bills lose to that?!?!?!

Steelers should beat them easily but no Ryan Shazier means they have no chance against the Pats.


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After probably a decade of being a fan I’ve finally gotten myself a Jersey just in time to watch the Vikes beat the Saints and take it all the way to the SB. Skol Vikes !!!


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Jags surprising again, in Pittsburgh no less this time... paving the road for another Pats SB appearance. :barf:

And how about that safety's brain snap to hand the Vikings an unlikely win? :whatwouldjareddo:


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I am actually more disappointed with how the game ended than I thought I would be. I watched a few games this season but didn't get too into it until the previous game. I'm obviously not a big NFL fan but I spent a few days in New Orleans in 2013. One of the days I spent there was just a normal game day and the city was buzzing. They treat every Sunday like it's NRL Grand Final day and it's something everyone needs to be apart of one day. I would love it if fans of the NRL showed half of the amount of passion and excitement these fans do for a club match.


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I love that the 2 QB's in the NFC Championship were both back ups in St. Louis during their excellent season last year.


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I love that the 2 QB's in the NFC Championship were both back ups in St. Louis during their excellent season last year.
Well, technically Foles was never a back up given that he was released prior to training camp.

It's a funny game though. Rams traded Bradford for Foles from the Eagles. And now Bradford is the backup QB for the Vikes.

Backup Bowl! Let's get ready to rumblllleeeeeeee.


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The Saints are probably the most disgusting team, considering how you know, they deliberately injured opposition players and paid them for it. Muwahahaha. I do like Drew Brees though. Anyway, what a finish to a game. That poor safety, I wonder how an NRL tackling coach could make it in the NFL, dead set lads USE YOUR ARMS FFS.

I for one am Alert but not Alarmed that Tom Coughlin is coaching against the Pats this weekend. Alert but not Alarmed.

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