LIVE NRL - 2019 Grand Final


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The Raiders fucked up when it mattered. Defending that last try was a **** up and JL not passing to Rapana was a **** up. The things which were in their control should be their focus instead of things that might have happened after shitty luck or bad calls.

Mr Fourex

State of Origin Rep
I think it was the perfect end to a GF for a couple of shitcunt teams.

Ricky........ha ha LOLZ.......yeah thats right mate, you were ripped off by the refs. Too sad. Tee hee hee....:rofl

Robinson....yeah get fucked dickhead you only won because the refs were cheating for you.
Haaw haaw haaw....:rofl

Win / win for the rest of us.:happy:
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We should be able to bet on how many points a ref will cost any given's be easier than picking the final score line.
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